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Poll: What Will The Buffalo Bills Do With Aaron Maybin?

This was big news early Sunday afternoon, but the Buffalo Bills' strong performance in a 37-34 overtime loss in Baltimore has driven it out of the minds of Bills fans, for the most part. We're bringing it back to the forefront this afternoon, fully aware that we're killing some of the buzz surrounding the team. Buffalo lost to Baltimore with 2009 first-round pick Aaron Maybin sidelined as a healthy scratch.

Maybin has now reached a career low point. His career got off to a slow start when he missed all of Bills training camp last August in a contractual holdout. He barely played as a rookie. In switching to the 3-4 this season, most expected Maybin's playing time - and with any luck, effectiveness - to increase. That has clearly not been the case, as sixth-round pick Arthur Moats and undrafted free agent Antonio Coleman are now seeing playing time before Maybin. Even prior to his healthy scratch, he was only seeing a handful of snaps per game.

So we're going to open this can of worms with a poll: what will the Bills do with Maybin? Please note that we used the word "will," and not "should." We're asking you to predict, not opine. Why? Because we sort of already know what the vast majority of you believe regarding Maybin.

Will the Bills keep Maybin, knowing that he is 22 years old, that he represents a significant and recent investment, and that sometimes patience pays off for young pass rushers? Or will the Bills release Maybin, perhaps as soon as this season, if the need for a roster space arises? Maybin is under contract through 2014, and will only be making $395K in base salary this year, with $757K owed to him next year. That is a consideration.

Again - predict, not opine. What do you think the Bills will do with Maybin?