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Bills Will Have Scouts At Florida State vs. NC State Contest

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Roughly three weeks ago, a report surfaced that the Buffalo Bills liked two college quarterback prospects more than other big names - Stanford's Andrew Luck and Florida State's Christian Ponder. The Bills - along with every other team in the NFL, according to Chris Steuber - will get to see Ponder in a live setting when Florida State travels to North Carolina State this Thursday night.

Every NFL team will be in attendance because the crucial ACC matchup is the only FBS game taking place tomorrow night.

Ponder has led the Seminoles to a 6-1 record and a No. 16 BCS ranking this season, throwing for 1,187 yards, 12 touchdowns and 7 interceptions in the process. He has not, however, had the type of season to make him one of the top names in the 2011 NFL Draft. Still, the report that the Bills like him exists, and the fact that they'll see him in person is noteworthy.

One other top prospect of note in this game is FSU guard Rodney Hudson, an excellent blocker that will fit great in a zone-blocking scheme. He's small, but he's an excellent football player. Lest I get lambasted by any closet NC State fans here, keep an eye on State QB Russell Wilson, who has already thrown for 66 touchdowns despite being only partially through his junior season.