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Bills vs. Chiefs: Winless Bills Aren't Threatening To All Chiefs Fans

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The Kansas City Chiefs are 4-2 and sit alone atop the AFC West. They have taken care of business against weaker opponents, with their four wins coming against teams that are a combined 8-20 to this point in the season. Their two losses came to potent AFC South powers, the 4-2 Colts and Texans.

The Buffalo Bills are 0-6 - the NFL's only winless team - so when the Bills face the Chiefs this Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium, Buffalo will definitely fit into the "weaker opponent" category on Kansas City's schedule. But the Bills are also coming off a road loss in which they totaled 514 total yards of offense and 34 points while taking the Baltimore Ravens - widely considered to be a Super Bowl contender - to overtime.

Buffalo proved again in defeat that any NFL team can compete with any other on any given Sunday. Many Chiefs fans are aware of this fact, and are ardently pointing out that not only can the Bills compete with the Chiefs, but the Bills have won games at Arrowhead in each of the past two seasons. What about Joel Thorman, manager of Arrowhead Pride? Is he threatened by any aspect of this Bills team?

"Don't take this the wrong way but, no, not really," Thorman told me.

Thorman continued: "That's because we pretty much know what the Chiefs are going to do: run the ball. Can the Bills stop the run? The stats say no but admittedly I haven't seen them play this season. On defense the Chiefs are playing very sound and not making a ton of mistakes. They've got a good punter and a solid coverage unit so they'll make the Bills offense score on a long field as much as possible. There are some young guys playing so you can get the better of them at times but as a whole I like the Chiefs defense over the Bills offense. The Chiefs don't have a ton of surprises on offense daring you to stop the run and Romeo Crennel has done an excellent job with weekly game plans tailored to stop the opponent's strength."

"That said, there are some things to keep an eye on," Thorman concluded. "Ryan Fitzpatrick can't be throwing for 382 yards. The Bills can't put up over 26 points as they've done in three of six games this year. They can't let C.J. Spiller give the offense a short field."