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Bills vs. Chiefs: Kansas City Looking To Capitalize On Surprising Start

Back in 2008, as the Buffalo Bills were entering a Week 8 matchup with Miami, the team was 5-1 and alone in first place in the AFC East. Trent Edwards was being talked about as an MVP candidate, the Bills had just beaten a tough San Diego squad at home, and most NFL experts were surprised at how well Buffalo started the season. As most of you are painfully aware, the Bills closed out that season with a 2-8 stretch en route to their third consecutive 7-9 finish under then-head coach Dick Jauron.

The 2010 Kansas City Chiefs aren't in precisely the same situation - they've already won a division game this season, after all - but the level of surprise surrounding their 4-2 start is similar to the surprise that enveloped those 5-1 '08 Bills. The Chiefs, too, are alone in first place, trying to believe in a quarterback, and looking to capitalize on their strong start.

I think it's fair to claim that most Bills fans, in 2008, were surprised by the team's 5-1 start (and perhaps less surprised by the 2-8 finish). Are Chiefs fans surprised at their team's 4-2 start? Joel Thorman of Arrowhead Pride provided a not-so-surprising reply.

"Yeah I am surprised," said Thorman. "I think any fan who tells you they're optimistic after a four-win season is probably lying."

Thorman continued: "2009 flat-out sucked. There's really no other way to put it. The defense wasn't good. The offense was bad at times and unwatchably awful at other times. The one positive out of last year was finding Jamaal Charles was a real running back (and that's a pretty big find).

"In hindsight I'm now starting to see what Todd Haley was talking about during the 2009 season. This team is tough. They can run the ball. They can stop the run. They don't get injured. They don't make (a lot of) mental mistakes. Those were all things Haley said last year this team would become and, for the most part, they've done it. So from that perspective I shouldn't be too surprised. Still, it's hard to listen to a coach go on and on about being a tough team when you're losing in successive weeks to - no offense - the Bills and Browns.

"We shouldn't be surprised the Chiefs are winning with this group but I think we should be surprised it's happening this soon."

Time will tell if the Chiefs can sustain their early-season momentum, unlike Jauron's Bills two years ago.