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We Have Nicknamed Bills DT Kyle Williams. Deal With It.

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Late last week, we talked about how awesome Kyle Williams is in this post. Though he only statistically recorded four tackles in the Buffalo Bills' 14-12 win over the Detroit Lions, Williams dominated at the point of attack for a fourth straight game, and has emerged as one of the NFL's best defensive linemen.

Kyle Williams deserves to go to the Pro Bowl. We are going to start a little social media campaign to accelerate the recognition Williams is starting to get, but needs more of. In order to do that, we needed to give Kyle a nickname. After receiving a ton of excellent submissions on Twitter this afternoon, by popular demand, we'll now only be referring to Kyle Williams in this space as:


Why Meatball? Meatballs are versatile. They are delicious. They are a hearty, workmanlike foodstuff capable of being a great side dish or a highly underrated entree. Buffalo's Meatball is exactly what he sounds like: a mean ball of meat that will smack you in the mouth, and then flex when he does. (But for real, it's sort of the perfect nickname.)

The Twitter hashtag #MeatballForProBowl is ready for your support. Torell Troup is now a Meatball sub. Carson Palmer's forecast on Sunday? Cloudy with a chance of Meatball.