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Bills vs. Vikings: Chan Gailey Discusses Run Defense Woes

It's no secret that the Buffalo Bills had arguably the league's worst defense early in the season. Prior to the team's Week 6 bye, the Bills allowed 32.2 points per game and 182.4 rushing yards per game. While the Bills have seen significant improvement in points allowed per game since the bye (down to 21.2) and marginal improvement against the run (154.8 yards per game), the Bills still have, by quite a bit, the NFL's worst run defense.

Bills head coach Chan Gailey addressed his team's struggles against the run in a conference call with reporters in Minnesota on Wednesday.

"We're learning a new defense and we've had some injuries," Gailey explained. "We haven't done our job. We don't have people hitting the right gaps. We're missing tackles. We're not getting in the right spots when we need to get in the right spots. We've been struggling against the run and what happens is it snowballs. Then, guys start doing some things they shouldn't do and it creates another problem."

Oh, is that all?

Buffalo gets the Minnesota Vikings in Week 13; thanks to Adrian Peterson's stellar work, the Vikes are currently ranked tenth in the league in rushing, averaging 120.2 rushing yards per game. They'll be the fifth Top 10 rushing offense that Buffalo has faced this season (Kansas City, New York, Jacksonville and Pittsburgh are the others).