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Kyle Williams Gets More Recognition From Pro Football Focus

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Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Buffalo Bills nose tackle Kyle Williams has been a favorite of football website Pro Football Focus through most of the year. He has consistently scored high on their defensive rankings and has made quite an impression. This week PFF bestowed more praise.

Earlier this week, Williams topped the Defensive Player of the Year race for the first time unseating Eagles DE Trent Cole. Williams had been number two for several weeks.

"This might seem like a weird choice. He plays on one of the league’s worst run defenses, but that hasn’t stopped Williams making play after play after play. Even in a hammering by the Vikings, he got pressure on the QB and made a couple of defensive stops."

This morning the guys at PFF made Williams the subject of their Saturday feature. Pro Football Focus tracks every player on every play and has done so since 2008. That season they ranked Williams as the fourth DT in the league and the second against the run.

In 2010, though, Williams is grading out better than any defensive tackle. He has more QB hits and pressures than other DTs and has matched his sack total from 2008 and 2009 combined.

The best part of the PFF piece on Williams is how it describes his game. They go into great detail about how he doesn't anchor and wait for the play to come to him. Williams is at his best when he beats the guy in front of him and makes a play in the backfield. It could be a tackle or a pressure or it could be making the running back bounce outside.

After a great description of Williams' dominating performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers, author Sam Monson summed it up the best:

The Pro Bowl voting has been well underway for weeks, and fortunately the fans don’t have all the say. Coaches and players surely know Williams’ name, and he’s got a good chance to overcome his lack of name recognition and wind up in Hawaii.

Haloti Ngata, Vince Wilfork and Richard Seymour are all big names at DT having good years in the AFC, but if you don’t have Kyle Williams as the first name on your ballot, you’re doing him a great disservice.

Speaking of which, why don't you go vote for Meatball right now. He'd do it for you.