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2011 NFL Draft: Cam Newton's Draft Stock Climbing

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Auburn star quarterback Cam Newton has already been linked to the Buffalo Bills, albeit loosely, and with a bit of contention on my part. This has happened in spite of the fact that it's all but etched in stone that Ryan Fitzpatrick will be Buffalo's starting quarterback in 2011.

Still, it's hard to deny Newton's star power. The dude took a team that was, in reality, an SEC afterthought in the preseason and turned them into an undefeated team averaging 42.7 points per game playing for a national championship - scoring 48 touchdowns along the way. Why wouldn't the Bills, at the very least, seriously consider adding a player of that caliber to their roster?

Over at, I put together a little profile on Newton's draft stock - do us a favor and check it out. [2011 NFL Draft: Cam Newton Could Go Top 10, Should He Leave Auburn]