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Terrell Suggs Votes Ryan Fitzpatrick For Pro Bowl

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Yahoo's Mike Silver has a pretty funny read up regarding the animosity Ravens pass rusher Terrell Suggs has for Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The vitriol between these two players is so strong that it's helped the Pro Bowl chances of one of our own. Silver asked Suggs which AFC quarterbacks had gotten his Pro Bowl votes.

"Philip Rivers," he answered. "Peyton Manning." He paused for effect. "And Ryan Fitzpatrick."

It should be noted that Suggs still isn't sold on Fitzpatrick.

"Why Fitzpatrick?" he repeated. "He’s a good player. He’s from Arizona, you know. I played against him in high school. He was good - but he wasn’t that good."

Perhaps Suggs was impressed with Fitzpatrick in Week 7, when he torched Baltimore's defense for 382 yards and four touchdowns. (Suggs had six tackles in that game.) No NFL team has scored as many points against Baltimore's defense this year as Buffalo (34), and only two other quarterbacks - Matt Schaub and Matt Ryan - have surpassed 300 passing yards against the Ravens.

If Suggs wasn't voting for Brady, and the sting of Schaub's performance was still too fresh for him, then Fitzpatrick was really the only choice he could make. Good on you, T-Sizzle.