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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Bills vs. Patriots Pre-Game Info

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Today is Bills versus Patriots, my friends. I don't care how crappy Buffalo's season has been. This matchup will get my competitive juices flowing as long as it exists. To help you prepare for today's festivities, we're going to recap a week's worth of pre-game coverage.

First and foremost, you'll want to, as always, check out Matt Warren's Game Day Web Rumblings. Chock-full of pre-game information.

We've been talking about the Patriots all week right here. We've talked about Fred Jackson's success against the Pats, Bill Belichick's affinity for Jackson, Buffalo's need to shut down the run, and New England's dynamic tight end play. Plenty to chew on at those links.

Our friends (just not today) over at Pats Pulpit have been talking about our Bills, as well. You can check out a recap of Week 3, a guide to beating the Bills, and an analysis of the six Patriots declared out of today's game.

Finally, you can get an update on Buffalo's injuries heading into this matchup. For once, there's not a ton to report on that front.