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Gailey Has High Praise For Rookies Arthur Moats And David Nelson

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Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Between injury updates during his weekly Monday afternoon press conference, Chan Gailey had some glowing things to say about two rookies. Not one to throw words around willy-nilly, Gailey's comments aren't without their weight.

Gailey downplayed the story of Arthur Moats bringing an end to Brett Favre's streak of consecutive starts but did have this to say about the now starting linebacker.

"He plays hard. He hits hard. He hustles every snap that he's on the field."

While that praise was buried between his thoughts on Brett Favre and the play where Moats and Favre violently met, his thought on David Nelson were even more specific.

"David's made a lot of great contributions to our football team. Nobody knew a lot about him coming in. He impressed us in OTAs, minicamps, preseason and earned a spot on the team. I think Fitz has a lot of confidence in him to be able to throw him the ball in tough situations. That says a lot about an undrafted rookie to be able to gain the confidence in a veteran quarterback."

Nelson continues to impress in his role as the fourth wide receiver. He scored the first touchdown of his career on Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings.