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Buffalo Bills DE Marcus Stroud Awful Against Vikings

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Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

I know I included this in yesterday's Web Rumblings but I wanted to highlight this link to Pro Football Focus and their look at last week's game. In the article PFF, whose staff members watch every player on every play, slammed Buffalo Bills defensive end Marcust Stroud's play against the Minnesota Vikings.

"Without checking I’m not sure how much the Bills pay Marcus Stroud (-2.7) to play on their DL. If it was the same as a recent fifth-round draft pick you may consider that was value for money, but I suspect that’s not the case and he’s hardly close to the level which may be reasonably expected."

Ouch. For reference, Stroud signed a four-year, 28 million dollar contract in 2009, hardly fifth-round money. The football analysis website didn't stop there.

"In 43 snaps he generated a single hurry and otherwise contributed a solitary assist. When you end up getting beaten by a player like Phil Loadholt and at best get a draw from your matchup with Ryan Cook, you know you need to improve."

Stroud does have three sacks this season, his most as a Buffalo Bill, and 40 tackles but this isn't an isolated incident. Following the Week 8 loss to Kansas City PFF had this to say.

"Watching him and Kyle Williams play is like chalk and cheese. Don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t eat chalk."

Stroud has had good performances this year but he had lacked consistency. The stat line from the Minnesota game is atrocious. With Dwan Edwards out, he needs to step up and make an impact on this team like his linemate Kyle Williams. If these two guys can lock in the Bills have a chance of shutting down Peyton Hillis this week and any other running back they face. Both can be dominant as PFF said last week.

"With the performance of Kyle Williams [against the Steelers], the Bills have on their roster two players who hold three of the four highest grades we’ve ever given out to defensive tackles (in his debut year with the Bills, Marcus Stroud got the other two)."