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NFL considering change to OT rules

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Speaking at the 2010 NFL Scouting Combine, NFL spokesman Greg Aiello mentioned that the league is looking into changing its overtime rules. There's one caveat, however - the change would only apply to playoff games. The proposed changes will be discussed and voted on during league meetings from March 21-24.

The proposed changes are as follows: in playoff games, the winner of the coin toss would still be able to win a game in sudden death fashion. That would only happen if they scored a touchdown on their opening possession of the extra session. Were they to kick a field goal, the opponent would receive the ball with an opportunity to equal or exceed those three points. If that team gets a field goal equalizer, overtime continues until the first team scores. If they score a touchdown, they win the game. If they don't score at all... well, you get the idea.

Two-thirds of NFL teams would need to approve the rules changes to put them into effect. And again, just to emphasize the point - this would not affect regular season play.

The NFL has not changed its overtime rules since 1974, a year in which the rules were applied to regular season games for the first time.

Source: The Associated Press