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Former Bills coaches doing well for themselves

Late Tuesday night, reports surfaced that former Buffalo Bills head coach Dick Jauron had signed on to become the new defensive backs coach for the Philadelphia Eagles. The move came 11 weeks after Jauron was fired as Buffalo's head coach on November 17; more intriguingly, Jauron becomes former Bills coach No. 12 to find new employment after the team gutted their coaching staff on January 4.

Made the scapegoats for the four most recent years of Buffalo's ten-year playoff drought, Jauron and his former staff have become hot commodities on the open market. With new Bills head coach Chan Gailey retaining three of those coaches and a further six still seeking employment a month after their release, half of Buffalo's staff has found employment - and in most cases, far more stable situations.

After the jump, an examination of who has landed where. Also, a word of warning: remember this post a year from now, when the Bills will have likely wrapped up another playoff-less season under Gailey. We can keep swapping coaches all we want, but it's pretty painfully clear at this point that the Bills' biggest issues haven't been in the coaching ranks for quite some time.

Buffalo, meanwhile, is still waiting to complete its coaching staff, as Gailey still has not made a hire at defensive coordinator, nor assigned some defensive staff members official titles.

Employed elsewhere in the NFL

Dick Jauron
   2009: Head Coach, Buffalo Bills
   2010: Defensive Backs, Philadelphia Eagles

Bobby April
   2009: Assistant Head Coach / Special Teams, Buffalo Bills
   2010: Special Teams Coordinator, Philadelphia Eagles

Alex Van Pelt
   2009: Offensive Coordinator / Quarterbacks, Buffalo Bills
   2010: Quarterbacks, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Eric Studesville
   2009: Running Backs, Buffalo Bills
   2010: Running Backs, Denver Broncos

Tyke Tolbert
   2009: Wide Receivers, Buffalo Bills
   2010: Wide Receivers, Carolina Panthers

Sean Kugler
   2009: Offensive Line, Buffalo Bills
   2010: Offensive Line, Pittsburgh Steelers

Ray Brown
   2009: Assistant Offensive Line, Buffalo Bills
   2010: Assistant Offensive Line, San Francisco 49ers

Perry Fewell
   2009: Interim Head Coach / Defensive Coordinator, Buffalo Bills
   2010: Defensive Coordinator, New York Giants

Employed in the college ranks

Nathaniel Hackett
   2009: Offensive Quality Control, Buffalo Bills
   2010: Quarterbacks, Syracuse University

Retained by Chan Gailey

George Catavolos
   2009: Defensive Backs
   2010: Defensive Backs

Bob Sanders
   2009: Defensive Line
   2010: "Defensive Assistant"

Adrian White
   2009: Defensive Quality Control
   2010: Defensive Quality Control

Still seeking employment

Charlie Coiner
   2009: Tight Ends, Buffalo Bills
   2010: ?

Matt Sheldon
   2009: Linebackers, Buffalo Bills
   2010: ?

DeMontie Cross
   2009: Defensive / Special Teams Assistant, Buffalo Bills
   2010: ?

Chuck Lester
   2009: Defensive Assistant / Coaching Operations, Buffalo Bills
   2010: ?

J.T. Allaire
   2009: Strength and Conditioning, Buffalo Bills
   2010: ?

Sean Hayes
   2009: Assistant Strength and Conditioning, Buffalo Bills
   2010: ?