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Bills' Moorman named to All-Decade Team

Yeah we know this story is a few days old by now but it's still worth noting.  Brian Moorman has been named one of the 53 players on the Hall of Fame's All-Decade team for the 2000s joining the Raiders' Shane Lechler as the team's punters. 

Brian Moorman's rise to the top was anything but easy.  He went undrafted out of tiny Pittsburg (Kansas) State University and was signed by the Seattle Seahawks who allocated him to NFL Europe.  Moorman signed with the Bills in the summer of 2001 replacing veteran Chris Mohr. 

Once he got on the field he quickly became a fan favorite for his athleticism, backstory, and most of all his leg.  Moorman has taken on a cult following in Western New York and many fans wear his jersey to games at Ralph Wilson Stadium. 

Despite kicking in the tricky conditions in Buffalo, Moorman has never had a season where he averaged less than 40.8 yards per punt.  He has two punts to his name that have traveled 80 yards or more and his 73-yard bomb in 2009 led the league.  In 2005, Moorman led the league in punting average with 45.7 YPP and was named to the Pro Bowl and All-Pro teams.  He repeated the double honor in 2006 at the age of 30.

Moorman has been fast to pass the compliments off to his coaches and teammates for the honor.

"That’s part of the reason why I was chosen," said Moorman. "I had good coaching the last nine seasons in Danny (Smith) and Bobby (April)."

"All Decade Team is a HUGE honor to be on.  Thank you to the HOF Committee, the fans, and my teammates and coaches for making me look good." 

Moorman is also a pillar in the Buffalo community.  The PUNT foundation, formed by the punter and his wife, was established in 2004.  The mission of the organization is to provide children affected by cancer and their families with the opportunities and support to enjoy the life they fight so hard for.  Moorman uses various methods to raise money for the foundation and gives his time and money to support the cause.

His non-punting accomplishments are numoerous as well.  He is a lifetime 3 for 7 passer with two touchdown passes (in the last two years) with a 117.9 career passer rating.  He also has 4.9 yards per attempt on his 11 rushes.  He participated in the 2006 Pro Bowl skills competition, usually reserved for skill position players.  His claim to fame around much of the NFL is a hit he took off the late Sean Taylor in the 2007 Pro Bowl.  Ever the good sporstman, Moorman congratulated Taylor following the play.

Congratulations, Brian.  The fans think you're great.  How many other stadium parking lots have the punter's jersey?