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Congrats to the New Orleans Saints

It's always nice to see the little guy win the big one. A hearty congratulations to the New Orleans Saints, and their outstanding fans over at Canal Street Chronicles, for their Super Bowl XLIV victory over the Indianapolis Colts.

It's hard not to be happy for former Bills cornerback Jabari Greer this morning. He's a good player and a good guy, and now he's a champion. Same goes for former Bills safety Pierson Prioleau. Heck, I've even got a soft spot for Anthony Hargrove, who misbehaved his way out of Buffalo but found a pretty excellent way to redeem himself last night.

Gregg Williams? Eh... congrats, I guess. Now please stop talking about teams you used to work for.

I don't necessarily ache for former Bills GM Bill Polian, because the dude's got a ring. But it's gotta sting to be known, at this point, as the guy that's 1-5 in Super Bowls, with a win over - wait for it - Rex Grossman's Chicago Bears the only highlight. The same goes for Peyton Manning, easily this generation's best player, but without the hardware to cement that status - and now he's got a loss to a (slightly) inferior quarterback that thoroughly outplayed him, too.

The off-season is officially upon us, even though it's been invading Buffalo for well over a month now. We'll get to that this afternoon. For now, do what you're doing at your office this morning and get your final thoughts out on Super Bowl XLIV and the 2009 NFL season.