Q & A w/Russ Lande 3-17-10

Russ Lande is a former college & NFL scout who now works for the Sporting News and he publishes the draft guide GM Jr every year:

If Clausen is available, do you think Buffalo will draft him at #9?
They may be tempted, but if I were them I would go LT in the 1st round, the only QB I would touch early is Bradford and then maybe pick-up a QB later in the draft. I wasn't a big fan of Trent Edwards coming out, but now I think he has the ability and the intelligence, but the guy is a major head case right now. I loved Brian Brohm coming out of college, but so far I've whiffed on that since he already failed with his first team. Buffalo should draft a QB in a late round and then see what Edwards & Brohm do in camp.

What tackles will be available in the 2nd round? What are your thoughts on Saffold?
Saffold looks like a 3rd or 4th round tackle on film, he just doesn't play up to his skills set. If you watch him at the East-West game or at practices he has a great skill set, he his thick, he slides his feet well, he has good handwork but it just doesn't translate on the field for him.

I see Charles Brown from USC available in the 2nd round, but I also possibly see Davis from Rutgers sliding to the 2nd Round and I really think Davis is a SLAM DUNK, he will be this year's Michael Oher. Charles Brown will also be a good tackle in the NFL, but he needs some work. (There were 2 other guys at this chat that recently graded Brown and they both loved him)

Who do you like more Dan Williams or Jared Odrick?
I'm not a big Dan Williams guy so I would go Odrick. Both will probably go in the first round, Odrick is more of a 3-4 DE while Williams is the NT. I have concerns about Williams moving in traffic and Odrick looked like a better athlete than he is at the combine, he worked out really well.

How does Gresham compare to Pettigrew?
Pettigrew is much better, he is a dominant blocker and decent pass catcher where Gresham is an average blocker and good pass catcher who will probably go in the 2nd or 3rd round. Gronkowski is the best TE in this year's draft but there are big concerns about his back holding up.

Why do you have Buffalo taking Sergio Kindle at #9 at the War Room?
I've spoken with scouts and other personnel inside the bills organization and they told me their top priority is front 7 and more specifically, pass rushers. They need pass rushers and don't be surprised when they draft a dominant pass rusher in the first round. Buffalo's future is certainly bright in the scouting department with Nix and Modrak together plus Doug Whaley, this organization has a bright future as long as they figure out their QB situation, they need to find a QB.

What do you think about the DE form GT, Morgan?
He is by far the best DE in the draft, way above the rest. He can play DE in the 4-3 or the 3-4 or he can play rush OLB in the 3-4, great player, by far above the other DE's in the draft.

What are your thoughts on Everson Griffen DE from USC?
I don't like the guy at all and would not draft him period. I would stay away from him all together.

What other TE's do you like?
I like McCoy from USC, Clay Harbor from Missouri State, and the TE from Iowa. There are a number of good TE's this year. Dickerson blew up the combine, probably the best TE combine in many years. Many great TE's this year, I have a super sleeper that I recently graded but I promised the scout that pointed him out to me that I wouldn't mention his name until early April.

*That's all I got folks, I was a few minutes late plus too many questions for me to keep up with typing....I got a bunch of BUF related questions in, I know some of you are down on Russ, but he has his legit contacts around the league and he is respected by many former & current coaches and GMs. (example Dick Vermeil) If what Russ said is true, we can probably expect Kindle, Graham, or Morgan in the 1st round followed by a NT or LT in the 2nd round. Obviously BUF has shown in FA how important upgrading the front 7 is to them so we shall see.

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