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Lande: Bills looking at pass rushers early

One of the coolest things about SB Nation is that unexpected, incredibly pertinent and legitimate information can come from virtually anywhere. We owe big props to RIP058 this morning for the excellent information he dug up in his Q&A with former NFL scout Russ Lande. You'll want to read that whole Q&A if you haven't, folks.

Taken directly from the Q&A, here's that incredibly pertinent and legitimate Buffalo Bills information: Lande reports that the Bills, led by GM Buddy Nix, are targeting front seven defenders, in particular pass rushers, early in the 2010 NFL Draft.

"I've spoken with scouts and other personnel inside the Bills organization and they told me their top priority is front 7 and more specifically, pass rushers," Lande said. "They need pass rushers and don't be surprised when they draft a dominant pass rusher in the first round."

This comes with all the usual caveats: we're still a month away from the draft; the Bills are keenly aware that they have other needs elsewhere (QB, LT, NT - and Lande himself believes the Bills should target LT early); this doesn't mean that it's a lock that the team will force any one position early in the first round; it's entirely possible this is some sort of smoke screen. But citing sources directly from Buffalo's front office certainly makes this an interesting talking point.

Should the Bills target pass rushers early, one name certain to garner speculation is Georgia Tech DE Derrick Morgan. A favorite of Lande's, the 6'3", 266-pound Morgan is widely considered the best pure DE available this year, and some scouts believe he can play OLB in the 3-4. Morgan was recruited to Tech by current Bills head coach Chan Gailey, and his position coach at Tech was current Bills defensive line coach Giff Smith.