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POLL: Which current Bills QB should start?

The Buffalo Bills aren't content with their situation at quarterback. That much is obvious. The team has scheduled pre-draft workouts and interviews with a half-dozen quarterback prospects, and more could be on the way. Chan Gailey has said repeatedly that the team would address the position with at least one more body.

That said, it's unlikely any rookie will be handed the starting job, and with the veteran quarterback market essentially dried up, chances look good that one of the three quarterbacks currently on Buffalo's roster will be starting in 2010.

The question is simple, and it's below. We know you'll want to discuss other possibilities (like Donovan McNabb, as exhibit A), but we ask that you adhere to the spirit of the poll and at least mention why you voted for the player you voted for before imploring the team to take a different route. It's Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick or Brian Brohm, folks. Have at it.