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SB Nation's Annual NFL Mock Draft Starts Today

Glad tidings and salutations this fine Wednesday morning, fellow Rumblers. I have good news for you this morning - SB Nation's annual NFL Mock Draft begins today. You can track the progress over at

Here's how this works: each team is represented in this draft by the SB Nation blog that covers said team. This mock draft will cover two rounds and will not include trades (sorry, Ron). Picks will roll through at Mocking the Draft thrice daily - once at 10AM, another at 4PM, and a third at 9PM. Each pick will contain analysis from the man who made the pick, from Mocking Dan himself, and a grading poll with a healthy comments section for y'all to praise or rip the selections as you see fit.

We're actually working ahead of the game - nine picks have already been made. Yes, that means that I submitted Buffalo's pick last night. You can read all about it at Mocking the Draft on Friday night, and we'll cover the selection a bit more in-depth on Saturday morning right here.

This is a really cool exercise - not for its accuracy, necessarily, but because it puts a fan perspective on the whole mock draft process. Be sure to check out Mocking the Draft frequently over the next several weeks, as the entire two-round draft will be covered there. Enjoy!