My final results of the MtD sitewide 7 round draft.

The draft is actually still going as I type this but since there are no UFA's and I just made my final pick, I figured I would deliver the results to you and see if there is general approval. (Or if you'd be as thrilled as I would be if this was the actual Bills draft come April!)

Pick 9: Sam Bradford, QB Oklahoma.

This was the easiest pick in the draft. The fact that he fell to me at all is a minor miracle, although if the Rams get Suh, anything is possible now that Seattle is potentially out of the QB race. Like Brian said of the SBnation Editors mock, you do not pass up a chance to get a franchise signal caller in the 1st round, and I didn't. I'm not the biggest fan of Bradford (after all, I AM the guy who calls him "Twisted Shoulders Bradford") but he's one of only two QB's considered 1st round talent this season and I can see him being a great NFL player in the future.

Pick 43 (From Miami): Roger Saffold, OT Indiana.

I traded pick 41 to Miami in exchange for pick 43 and a pick in the 6th round; good thing, considering how the 4th round turned out for me. Miami took THE BLO- erm, Mount Cody with the pick they just acquired, leaving me either with the choice to reach too high for Cam Thomas or to go with one of the two OT's I was considering. I chose Saffold over Jason Fox because of Fox's injury concerns. How often is it that you can get a potential franchise QB and a potential franchise LT in the first two rounds? Not often enough! Saffold isn't really my favorite prospect but he's been shooting up draft boards lately and considering the rest of the OT's available after Saffold and Fox, I figured I'd either grab my guy right there or regret it when I hit the 5th round or so without a good LT available.

Pick 72: Koa Misi, OLB/DE Utah

I'm going to admit that I made a couple of picks based on bias in this draft. Living in the western half of the US I've seen a lot of guys in the Mountain West and Pac 10 play more often than elsewhere, so I have favorites. Koa escaping to the 3rd round - I was sure he'd be gone in the 2nd - pretty much meant I had to have him. It didn't hurt at all that OLB is one of the biggest holes in the defense. Koa is a fine specimen who will probably instantly start across from Maybin, giving us a speedy, young OLB corps to work with.

Pick 104: Boo Robinson, DT Wake Forest

I got trolled hard here. I was pulled away from the computer by a phone call (I'll just say it was a family emergency and leave it at that) and my pre-made BPA list had been so whittled down by the time I picked, Boo Robinson was at the top. Oops. I still think that Boo has a shot at being at the very least an all right NT in the NFL, he's only very slightly undersized. This was my worst pick of the draft hands down, I cursed quite loudly when I saw he had been picked for me if that helps! :D

Pick 136: LeGarrette Blount, RB Oregon

This was a straight case of BPA. With the 4 big holes on the team filled (LT, QB, NT, OLB) I figured I would run straight off of my BPA list for the rest of the draft. It didn't work quite that way, but I still like Blount. With Lynch looking like a walking lawsuit since the Bills drafted him, I figure that Blount will either replace him if he screws up again, or else he will be fantastic depth for the RB corps, which really don't have any depth to speak of right now. I know that Blount has a few character issues of his own, but Blount seems willing to work past that one bad mistake he made in college. I think the pros far outweigh the cons this late in the draft.

Pick 164 (From Miami): Danario Alexander, WR Missouri

I got reamed for this one by Dzil, but I stand by it. Danario has pretty good hands, adequate speed and I don't think 1 freak knee injury (which wasn't even that serious) is enough to knock a guy out of your draft list. He produced stats good enough to make me jump for him in the 6th round, 1700 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns speaks enough to me! And despite popular belief, Dzil, his legs are NOT made of molasses. :P

Pick 168: Jeff Owens, DT Georgia

My redemption pick for the Boo Robinson debacle, I call it! Jeff Owens falling this far surprised me quite a bit (Then again, Snead fell to the 6th round in this draft as well so maybe realism isn't the word we're looking for here) so I had to jump on him. He's better than Boo is, anyway. Like Nix says, competition makes everyone better. Having so many people available for the NT job on the Bills can only help more than harm!

Pick 182 (From Philly): Clay Harbor, FB/TE, Southern Missouri

One of my goals before this draft even began was a plan to grab a Fullback in the later rounds. I was thrilled when Clay Harbor wound up being my choice. He's actually been mocked as high as the 4th round before, but most people don't grab fullbacks quite that early unless they're REALLY good. I happen to think Clay is really good, and he'll instantly play in that rushing attack we're supposedly going to have next season. I love Corey McIntyre as much as the next guy, but I'd rather see Clay. He can play TE as well if needs be, killing two birds with one stone... or something like that.

Pick 193 (From Detroit): Sean Canfield, QB Oregon State

Joe P. told me to grab a developmental QB in the later rounds, so here you are! I secretly like Oregon State a little bit, so I've been a fan of Canfield all year long. If he falls to the 7th and the Bills pull the trigger, I will not be disappointed. He's got a great arm, good accuracy and according to his coach, "very coachable". The way the Bills QB depth is right now - I'm not a fan of ANY of our current crop, I'm sure you all know - I think getting a potential great back-up... or hell, even a starter in the 7th round is nice. I also like the fact that I turned the Ko Simpson pick into a player that's probably 20 times better than Ko Simpson.

Pick 200: Reggie Stevens, G/C Iowa State

You knew I was going to end it on O-Line depth. Stevens is a good, versatile player and will add much needed beef to the offensive interior since Incog is gone.


So that's the official Bills haul. Personally I would dance through the streets if this wound up being the real draft for Buffalo, what do you all think?

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