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Trade possibilities to be found in Buffalo

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Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

With the beginning of the new league year on Friday at 12:01AM, the NFL's moratorium on trades is also lifted. Especially with new rules restricting movements of players with less than six accrued NFL seasons, trades may take on an increased role in this NFL off-season - and Buffalo has pieces they may move.

The new regime in Buffalo may be looking to add draft picks while ridding themselves of some overpriced or ill-equipped veteran talent. The switch to the 3-4 defense has turned some solid Tampa 2 defenders into potential 3-4 liabilities.

After the jump, you'll find a list of Buffalo Bills players that could eventually be traded this off-season. You can also speculate in the comments on who you'd like to see leave or arrive via trade, as well as the cost you'd be willing to accept in order to make the trade.

Current Bills
Marshawn Lynch - A hot name in trade talk this off-season, Lynch may be moved for his history of questionable decisions off the field more than his lackluster 2009 campaign. His 2008 Pro Bowl appearance may bolster his trade value, and Fred Jackson seems capable of handling a full-time rushing load.

Aaron Schobel - The second-leading sack artist in team history may be on his way out of town, if only to be closer to his family. Schobel has said his wife and kids will remain in Texas during the 2010 season and beyond, a departure from seasons past. In an effort to be closer to his home and family, Schobel may ask to be traded or simply retire altogether.

Donte Whitner - Whitner's name has surfaced in a rumored trade to the Redskins involving QB Jason Campbell (more on that in a second). Whitner's disappointing play since being drafted eighth overall in 2006 has made him a favorite whipping boy among Bills fans, but it's not fans he should be worried about. Whitner was supplanted at FS last year by rookie Jairus Byrd, and RFA George Wilson had a tremendous year at safety as well. UFA Bryan Scott has started for the Bills at SS, too, making Whitner expendable for the right offer.

Kyle Williams - Williams was a solid piece on the interior of Buffalo's defensive line in 2009, and Buddy Nix has stated the team plans to use him as a NT in some capacity in 2010. Williams is only scheduled to make $1.75M in each of the next two seasons and $1.8M in 2012. Trading a cheap 26-year-old DT coming into his prime seems like a crazy move, but if Williams looks like a fish out of water in the Bills' new 3-4 defense, he might get moved at some point before the season starts.

Lee Evans - Evans is probably the Bill with the most value on the trade market. He's not old (29 on March 11th), has talent, and would bring back a solid pick or picks in return. Will Evans really be young enough to contribute on the next Bills sustained playoff run?

Trent Edwards and Roscoe Parrish - If the Bills are serious about turning the page on offense, they may want to look at getting whatever value they can for these two disappointing Bills. Both have seen their value drop significantly after being benched during the 2009 season. Both players probably won't be dealt on their own, but certainly could be involved in trades during the NFL Draft.

Potential Bills
Michael Vick - The Eagles quarterback is due a $1.5M signing bonus Friday. If the Eagles hold on to Vick until then, they will certainly want to trade the troubled signal caller to regain some of their investment. Vick may hold more esteem with the Bills following the NFL Draft in April if they can't get their hands on a QB prospect of their own.

Charlie Whitehurst - The Chargers' third-stringer has been a rumored target of the Bills since Brian Galliford of Buffalo Rumblings tweeted about it in January. His hunch was corroborated, as much as hunches can be, this week when USA Today mentioned the Bills were "believed to be researching" the QB. Whitehurst is a restricted free agent, and could be signed by anyone for a likely third-round pick or less beginning Friday.

Jason Campbell - Campbell is also a restricted free agent, and is potentially on the outs in Washington, where they also have a new coach in the form of Mike Shanahan. If Shanahan is convinced he wants to bring in new blood at the position, Campbell represents a valuable trading chip coming off his best season as a pro in 2009. Campbell was tendered at the first round level yesterday, but with the addition of Whitner in a potential trade, Campbell may be had for less, especially if Washington selects a quarterback at the top of the draft.

Marc Bulger - The National Football Post's Matt Bowen suggested earlier this week that the Bills could be interested in the maligned Rams QB. Bulger's $8.5M price tag in 2010 certainly wouldn't entice the rebuilding Bills, but the 32-year-old may have something left in the tank in the way of a stop-gap. He's easily my least favorite possibility on the list, but is included thanks to Bowen's report this week.