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Bills schedule workout with QB Tim Tebow

Gil Brandt at is reporting that the Buffalo Bills have scheduled a pre-draft workout with Florida quarterback Tim Tebow. The workout will occur after his pro day at the University of Florida, which is set for March 17.

Tebow has also set up a pre-draft workout with the Seattle Seahawks, and more are certain to follow.

This isn't necessarily huge news. Tebow is already one of the most controversial football players - let alone NFL Draft prospects - in the history of the game, and given his well-documented mechanical flaws and the fact that he's been working diligently on correcting those flaws throughout the off-season, many teams will want to see Tebow up close and personal more than once.

Brandt mentions in the report that Tebow has been working predominantly with coach Noel Mazzone, who was recently named the offensive coordinator at Arizona State, and CFL head coach Marc Trestman. The two coaches, according to the report, are teaching Tebow the "numbered offensive system" and the West Coast Offense, which are the two most predominant systems in the NFL today.