Who does Tebow remind me of?

Tim Tebow isn't exactly a story that none of us have ever heard before. In fact, I can find you a story about a guy just about identical to the Tebow tale, named Alex Smith.

Smith played at Utah under Urban Meyer using the same spread offense that Tebow has been using the past few years. As with most Urban Meyer offenses, this offense basically killed anyone who dared to challenge it. There was a lot of talk of him winning the Heisman trophy in 2004 (He finished 4th) along with him getting to the National Title game, which sadly never happened despite the 12-0 record because Utah wasn't covered in BCS drool. He ended his two-year college career with a 21-1 record, over 5000 yards passing with 47 touchdowns and 7 Interceptions. He also rushed for 15 TD's on over 1000 yards in that time.

Sounds to me exactly like Tim Tebow if Tebow hadn't gone to a BCS darling like Florida.

He was highly touted coming into the draft, so much so that the 49ers took him first overall. And we all know what happened after that. Three bad years followed by a benching for the entire 08 season.

Five years later, and he is finally starting to show a little potential, but his potential came with a 2-5 record despite his apparent newfound ability to throw TD's instead of 3 INTs a game. After all the "PLAYOFFS NOW" talk I've seen from the Bills fanbase, do we really need a guy to follow the Alex Smith story?

Then again, the Jaguars will probably take him and it'll be a moot point anyway.

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