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Bills draft prospects scouted, SB Nation style

Ultimately, the only voice that truly matters in relation to the 2010 NFL Draft, its prospects, and the plans of the Buffalo Bills is that of new GM Buddy Nix. As we're not privy to that information, we'll have to spend the interim delving into others' opinions - and this time of the year, everyone's got one on NFL Draft prospects.

Asking for analysis on a prospect from the college football blogger of said prospect's alma mater may not be the most objective way to propagate information, but it's certainly worthwhile - these are players that are near and dear to these bloggers' hearts, and clearly, they've seen these players on the field many, many times over the last three to four years. The opinions may be slightly biased, but they're certainly not ill-informed.

In a MRW-style link dump, after the jump you'll find what I'm loosely terming "scouting reports" on several 2010 NFL Draft prospects that should seriously interest Nix and the Bills. They interest Bills fans, at any rate. You'll get some cool stories, some generic analysis, and a whole lot of reading material on guys that could very well be employed by our favorite team in three weeks' time. Enjoy, folks!

Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen, courtesy Rakes of Mallow

Florida QB Tim Tebow, courtesy Alligator Army

Iowa OT Bryan Bulaga, courtesy The Rivalry, Esq.

Iowa OT Bryan Bulaga, courtesy Black Heart Gold Pants

Georgia Tech DE Derrick Morgan, courtesy From The Rumble Seat

Michigan DE Brandon Graham, courtesy The Rivalry, Esq.

Tennessee DT Dan Williams, courtesy Rocky Top Talk

TCU OLB Jerry Hughes, courtesy Mountain West Connection

South Carolina OLB Eric Norwood, courtesy Garnet and Black Attack

Florida OLB Jermaine Cunningham, courtesy Alligator Army

Ohio State OLB Thaddeus Gibson, courtesy The Rivalry, Esq.

Ohio State OLB Thaddeus Gibson, courtesy The Buckeye Battle Cry

Keep this post bookmarked, folks, as we'll continue to add blog posts and prospects to this listing in the weeks leading up to April 22.