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Inaugural Chan Gailey Approval Ratings

Chan Gailey approval poll.

Rick Stewart - Getty Images

On January 19, 2010 the Buffalo Bills hired Chan Gailey to be the 15th head coach in team history. In that short time, Coach Gailey has put his stamp on the team with several moves. They are listed here:

- Hired George Edwards to be the Defensive Coordinator.

- Hired Curtis Modkins to be the Offensive Coordinator.

- Filled out his coaching staff with names like Bob Bicknell, Joe D'Alessandris, George Cortez, and Bruce DeHaven.

- Made the switch to the 3-4 defense.

- Revamped the strength and conditioning program, hiring John Gamble and Eric Ciano and removing televisions from training facilities.

As with the similar Buddy Nix poll, your task is simple: just tell us whether or not you approve of the job that Chan Gailey has done so far. Not do you like him. Not do you think he was a good hire. Not do you think he will do a good job, but do you think he has done a good job so far? Have at it.