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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links, 4/11

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Maybin's major benefit -
"Many observers feel the shift to the 3-4 will allow Aaron Maybin to maximize his skill set. Still it will be an adjustment for the second-year player. However, the benefit the pass rusher will have in addition to the scheme change is the same position coach he had as a rookie."

Can Clausen be The One for the Bills? : Buffalo Bills : The Buffalo News
Allen Wilson looks at the Notre Dame signal-caller in depth.

Arthur Moats on the rise | National Football Post
"James Madison outside linebacker Arthur Moats has visited the Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles, and he’s set to visit the San Francisco 49ers next week, a league source confirmed."

NFL Draft
Buffalo Bills face tough question: QB or not QB | Democrat and Chronicle

Bob Matthews gives pros and cons to drafting Jimmy Clausen, Tim Tebow, or Colt McCoy and compares the three.

NFL Draft Preview: Bradford tops QB class : Buffalo Bills : The Buffalo News
Allen Wilson looks at the draft top to bottom to preview all the QBs.

Sorting through all-time draft polls - AFC East Blog - ESPN
Tim Graham gives his top ten most valuable picks by the Bills in the draft. He's mad that the NFL list was mostly a popularity contest and not "best value".

Bills fans leaning toward QB – Inside The Bills
A quick look at who fans are voting for at the M&T Bank draft challenge. Jimmy Clausen leads the way with 16.4% followed closely by Tim Tebow (15.5%).

Twitter / Adam Schefter

RT @MattKabel: Hear anything about Marshawn Lynch trade from Bills? ... My hunch is, He's a draft weekend trade.

One More Link
J.D. Hill helps others after own turnaround - Arizona Republic

Hill was the fourth overall pick by the Buffalo Bills in the 1971 draft. He earned a Pro Bowl nod in his second season and had an OK NFL career, finishing with the Lions, before drugs sent him down a tumultuous path. His path down and back up is profiled.