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Bills GM Nix: "Don't get us pinned down"

If you haven't watched the video from the Buffalo Bills' 2010 NFL Draft luncheon today, we suggest doing so. The video is available at, and while GM Buddy Nix and Tom Modrak didn't get too specific on a plethora of topics, it's always fun to try to read between the lines.

Nix did, however, offer up some words of wisdom to Bills fans that are insisting that the team address a certain position with the No. 9 overall pick.

"Don't get us pinned down, and don't get yourself pinned down thinking mentally that it's gotta be this position or this position, 'cause it may not be," Nix told assembled media earlier this afternoon.

Now, granted, Nix making that statement does inherently hold a competitive advantage; the Bills don't exactly want other teams to pin them down on draft day. Despite that, Nix's statement holds a modicum of truth: the Bills would obviously like to address a need area, but if they can't, they're not going to force the issue. That's exactly the way it should be.

It's still highly likely that Buffalo will look to add the best player they can at either quarterback, left tackle, nose tackle or rush linebacker with their first pick. Just don't count out another secondary need position, because the Bills want impact and value at nine, not just to fill a specific position. Nix made that very plain.

Please use this as an open thread to discuss today's draft luncheon if you choose to view the video. Modrak spoke on a number of prospects, and Nix was grilled about several different intriguing subjects, as well. Again, nothing overtly newsworthy occurred, but it's fun to try to read between the lines.