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Poll: Which Bills Backup Plan Is Least Desirable?

We are officially one week away from the 2010 NFL Draft, ladies and gentlemen. Just seven increasingly lengthy days until Western New York's Super Bowl. In light of that fact, I thought it'd be fun to play a little game this morning.

We've discussed to death that the Buffalo Bills have four critical areas of need heading into draft weekend: QB, LT, NT and OLB. The Bills could use a starting-caliber prospect at all of those positions, and obviously as that's not likely to happen next weekend, GM Buddy Nix and crew have some important decisions to make.

This morning, we're going to debate backup plans. Essentially, we're going to lay out the Bills' likely backup plan at each of those four critical need areas, and we'd like you to choose which one is least desirable (or scariest, or the one you'd most like to avoid, etc.) to you. Pretty simple, and it should bring a slightly different angle to the "we need to take this position!" arguments. We don't care about which position you'd like to see addressed this morning - just which of these backup plans you like least.

Backup plan at QB: Open competition between Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Brohm, with a mid-to-late round pick in development.

Backup plan at LT: Open competition between Demetrius Bell and Jamon Meredith, with a mid-to-late round pick in development.

Backup plan at NT: Bills use a 3-4 Over scheme primarily, allowing Kyle Williams to play nose on most snaps. Mid-to-late round pick competes with Lonnie Harvey, Marlon Favorite for run down duties.

Backup plan at OLB: Aaron Maybin has no competition for a starting spot, and the team prays that Aaron Schobel decides to play. A mid-to-late round pick adds athleticism to a reserve group that includes Chris Kelsay and Chris Ellis.