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The Great QB Debate: Clausen v. Tebow v. Campbell

We're bearing down on being just four days away from the start of the 2010 NFL Draft. The Buffalo Bills still need a quarterback, and we've spent a great deal of the past four months debating which quarterback the Bills should pursue - via the draft or otherwise.

With draft day approaching, it's time to gauge this community's true split between the three most viable candidates. Ultimately, it won't mean much, but who's going to turn down one final quarterback debate in which all three popular candidates are represented?

Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame. No one questions his physical talents, but questions about his maturity and leadership qualities (or lack thereof) have really impacted his draft status. Once thought to be a darkhorse candidate to be taken No. 1 overall, some scouts believe Clausen might slide out of the first round entirely. One of the most polished and productive junior quarterback prospects ever, should Clausen be available at No. 9 overall, his presence will make Buffalo's decision very difficult.

Tim Tebow, Florida. No one questions his leadership qualities and intangibles, but questions about his physical talents, mechanics and throwing motion have really impacted his draft status. One of the most highly-debated draft prospects in league history, Tebow is fairly universally accepted as a third-round prospect, but could go two rounds earlier based on his intangibles and work ethic alone. The Bills are believed to be very high on Tebow, but no one's sure where they might try to take him.

Jason Campbell, Redskins. Essentially in the same boat as Clausen, except for the minor fact that he's proven himself semi-capable at the NFL level. His steady improvement over four miserable years in Washington is now irrelevant thanks to the arrival of Donovan McNabb, and word on the street is that he could be had for a mid-to-low-round draft pick this year. There's something to be said for acquiring an instant starter with low pick compensation.

You know what to do from here. Let's hash this thing out one final time.