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Buddy Nix Approval Ratings: Take Two

It's time for Bills fans to once again state their pleasure, or lack thereof, with the efforts of GM Buddy Nix.

Back on February 13, 2010, we here at Buffalo Rumblings put up a poll asking you to rate the performance of new Bills General Manager Buddy Nix after only six weeks on the job. The results of that can be found here. Now that the 2010 NFL Draft is on our doorstep, we wanted to update what Buddy Nix has done and get the pulse of the fan base to see if you like what Nix has done with his three-plus months on the job.

In those three-plus months, Nix has accomplished quite a bit:

  • He fired former Vice President of Pro Personnel John Guy
  • He hired Pittsburgh's Doug Whaley as the team's new Assistant GM and Director of Pro Personnel
  • He hired Chan Gailey as the Bills' new head coach; this was Nix's first-ever coaching hire
  • He attended the Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL with Vice President of College Scouting Tom Modrak
  • Singed free agents DE Dwan Edwards, LB Andre Davis, and OT Cornell Green to be starters.
  • Signed free agents WR Chad Jackson and RBs Walter Mendenhall and Rodney Ferguson for depth going into camp.
  • He has attended work outs for almost every OT, QB, and OLB prospect available in the draft.
  • Heavily pursued Donovan McNabb, the best veteran QB available this off season.

Your assignment is to let us know what you think of the job that Buddy Nix has done so far. Again, this isn't about what you think or hope will happen but if you like what has been done, or in some cases strategically not done so far by Buddy Nix.