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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia: NFL Draft Edition

So with the 2010 NFL Draft just days away, it's time to bust out a brand new edition of Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia, or TMBT for short. This edition will surely be written with a slant so that you fall ravenously in love with the Bills organization get you thinking.

What I decided to do (actually Brian e-mailed me and said "what do you think of this?" and I said "okay"), is instead of using current or former Buffalo Bills, I am going to use draft prospect that have been linked to the Bills in some way. That means it could be a player that the team has met with, or a guy that always seems to end up in users mock drafts however illogical the pick may be, (I had to include that just so you couldn't rule out any mock done by Joe P.). Normally I include what college the player I am using went to, but that would be a big give away now, wouldn't it? So I am cutting the clues to three from the normal four, and I am also doing away with the sometimes false clue. All these clues are correct unless I messed something up, which is of course entirely possible. And so it begins.

Mystery possible draftee 1
- I went to high school in New Jersey.
- I turned down Ohio State to attend my current college.
 - I came out early, entering the draft as a Junior.

Mystery possible draftee 2
- I attended Salesian High School.
- I received scholarship offers from Arizona, Arizona State, California, Michigan, Notre Dame, Oregon, USC, and Washington.
- Three players who shared my position in college all went on to play in the NFL.

Mystery possible draftee 3
- I attended Austin High School.
- I was born in Sugar Land, Texas.
- I won the Lott Trophy and the Ted Hendricks award in 2009.

Mystery possible draftee 4
- I play on the same team as my brother.
- I play in the Patriot League.
- I wear jersey number 19.