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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links, 4/23

Spiller pick risky, but could pay off for Bills - AFC East Blog - ESPN
A great article on the Spiller pick by Tim Graham.

Sullivan: Team with big needs comes up small again : The Buffalo News
"But Nix got cute instead. With his first big pick, the new GM repeated the folly of the previous regimes, ignoring the Bills' need for big men on both sides of the ball and grabbing the shiniest toy instead. Nix went to a position of modest need by taking C.J. Spiller, a dynamic running back out of Clemson." | Blogs " Blog Archive " Scouts running the show
John Murphy says the pick screams of the scouts running the show at OBD. John Murphy notes that philosophy worked really well during the 80s and early 90s.

Nix on Lynch’s future – Inside The Bills
Bills GM Buddy Nix was asked about the future of Marshawn Lynch in light of the selection of C.J. Spiller ninth overall. "It doesn’t change a thing," said Nix of Lynch’s status on the roster. "We intend for him to be here. Spiller’s a hybrid."

CJ Spiller
Spiller a big score for Bills -

"It’s likely that Spiller will be used similarly to the way the Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints utilize Bush, who is often split out wide, used on stretch plays and as a punt returner. Spiller however, runs a lot tougher than he’s given credit for as a 196-pound tailback. Though he excels outside the tackles he has shown an ability to take the ball north-south when necessary, which give Nix confidence he can be more than just a boundary type player."

Bills Roundup: Bills Pick Spiller in 1st Round (4:17) -
Chris Brown describes Spiller as a "one and only talent". breaks down the pick.

C.J. Spiller Conference Call (3:21) -
Listen in as the Clemson Running Back talks with the Buffalo media for the first time.

Buddy Nix and Tom Modrak on C.J. Spiller (9:15) -
The top scout in the organization discuss their selection of C.J. Spiller and answers questions from the assembled media.

A Look at Bills 1st Rd Pick C.J. Spiller (1:57) -
A quick look at the new Bills running back.

Spiller not worried about weather – Inside The Bills
"I’m not affected by it at all," said Spiller. "I played in Clemson, and it was cold. I’m not worried about the cold weather at all. It’s something you just have to be willing to adjust to. I’ll be willing to adjust to it, and it won’t affect how I play.

Spiller jersey number – Inside The Bills
Spiller is going to wear jersey number 21 for the Bills.

Spiller gets Bills dialed in for speed : Buffalo Bills : The Buffalo News
The Buffalo News is all over the Bills selection of C.J. Cpiller covering it from every angle. Here's Mark Gaughan's look at the newest member of the Bills.

Spiller was in no rush to leave college : Buffalo Bills : The Buffalo News
"He's the right kind of kid," Bills General Manager Buddy Nix said after taking Spiller with the ninth overall pick Thursday night. "His mother wanted him to come out. He felt that he wanted to graduate by his class. He was recruited by the head coach and felt a loyalty to him and felt the NFL was still going to be there."

Buffalo Bills draft 'playmaker' C.J. Spiller | Democrat and Chronicle
When asked about addressing the Bills' other needs, Nix pointed out there's a long way to go and, "We also think we have a chance to get those positions filled later on in the draft. We need a lot of things, and we also need to be able to score points. To be honest, there's only one C.J. Spiller."

Transcript From Buddy Nix And Tom Modrak - WGR 550 SportsRadio
Full text from Buddy Nix and Tom Modrak's conversation with the media.

C.J. Spiller Transcript - WGR 550 SportsRadio - Home of the Buffalo Sabres
Full text from C.J. Spiller's phone conference.

Bills soak up C.J. Spiller with ninth pick - AFC East Blog - ESPN
Reaction to the Bills pick. Why the Bills took him, How it affects the roster, and what Scouts Inc has to say about the running back. | Blogs " Blog Archive " Bills go RB in first round
"If you believe in drafting for need, it’s a surprise. If you believe you draft the best player–the Bills probably got him."

Spiller Gives Rebuilding Bills Some Excitement |
"But does anybody want to argue that the Bills in 2009 were not only a bad football team, they were a DULL football team. Yes, they are rebuilding, but at least Spiller gives fans a reason to watch them while the Bills address their other needs."

Other Draft Stuff
Twitter / Adam Schefter

With Tim Tebow to Denver, Buffalo has to be heartbroken. It was going after Tim Tebow hard and he was square on their radar. #nfldraft

Twitter / Chris Mortensen
Marshawn Lynch has to be a goner w/ Bills. That's obvious. Couldn't give him away is what I've been told. Not confirmed by Bills. #NFLDraft

Ok, So What About A QB? - WGR 550 SportsRadio
Joe Buscaglia faults the Bills for not getting their QB yet and, according to Jeremy White, not even trying to trade up for Tim Tebow.

BillBoard: What Bills will do at 41
Mark Gaughan takes a quick look at who is available at the top of the second round.

Twitter / Kawika Mitchell

I wanted 4 players who can produce rite away... We got 1. Welcome to the Bills Spiller. Lets do this! We need all 53. Health and production

Twitter / Matt Bowen
Case of best player on their draft board at the time. Too dynamic to pass up RT @MattRichWarren Thoughts on Spiller to the Bills.

Twitter / Stevie Johnson
my folks @mariojohnson jus said we got CJ only to Trade him to Steelers Fro Ben. (begins to think) WHAT DO U GUYS THINK ABOUT THAT INFO?

Twitter / Kawika Mitchell
A lot of questions concernin our 1st pic. We need a variety of weapons. Protection is key n the NFL but HEALTH is everythin. Health=Strength

Twitter / Aaron Maybin
Congrats 2 CJ Spiller, the newest addition 2 this years team. Outstanding athlete with game breaking speed. Great move by our front office

Twitter / Stevie Johnson
Yo Our Need Is To Win! Check His Film He's A Winner! PlayMaker Wutever u wanna call it. Plus we still have pics. Breath Buffalo

Twitter /Donte Whitner
CJ Spiller....welcome to Buffalo...great pick...

You can follow C.J. Spiller on Twitter: @Lightning28

Twitter / Cj Spiller
I'm so happy to be a bill I can't wait to get there tom. Let's go Bills