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Scouting the scouting reports: C.J. Spiller

This is part one of our multi-part series taking a look around the internet to see what people said about the newest Buffalo Bills. We kick off the series look at first round pick, Clemson running back C.J. Spiller. 

Where applicable, I have copied part of the report summaries and provided a link. Also, after the jump, I included some pertinent points from Spiller's introductory press conference.

C.J. Spiller NFL Draft scouting report - Mocking The Draft
"Where Spiller lacks in size and strength, he makes up for in speed and athleticism. A dynamic running back who considered entering the 2009 NFL Draft, Spiller is a multi-threat player who can play special teams and catch passes. But he's made his name running around and past defenders. He instinctively eludes contact and gets up to speed quickly."

New Era Scouting Blog Archive: C.J. Spiller Scouting Report
"He scored touchdowns on the ground, through the air (as a receiver AND passer) and in both return games. His talent is undeniable and the fact that he can change a game in so many ways is going to boost his stock even more. On top of his unmatched talent level among running backs in this class, Spiller is a high character, team captain tough guy. He will be an early impact player that could evolve in to the next great dynamic threat out of the backfield." 2010 NFL Draft Scouting Report: C.J. Spiller
"Spiller profiles as a very explosive back, but isn't a No. 1 in the NFL, which isn't an entirely bad thing. He needs to work on his pass protection the most so he can really help out virtually every team on third down."

Draft Board Insider - Scouting Report - C.J. Spiller RB Clemson
"I fully expect to get the email about how Spiller is built just like Chris Johnson and the comparisons will go on from there. The difference is, Johnson runs hard inside, and does not shy away from contact. He didn't in college and he still doesn't. Spiller doesn't want to get hit."

Running Back Breakdowns | National Football Post
"He's a jack-of-all-trades who can hurt you on the ground or through the air. He looks like a real playmaker at the next level."

C.J. Spiller | Clemson Scouting Report - 2010 NFL Draft Prospect
Scott Wright of Draft Countdown provides analysis and predictions for prospect C.J. Spiller of Clemson.

C.J Spiller scouting report -
"There is no doubt that C.J Spiller is an explosive player, he has fantastic speed, explosiveness, and agility. But it is doubtful that he will ever evolve into an feature back in the NFL and carry the ball more than 20 times in a game regularly."

Draft Breakdown | Scouting Report: CJ Spiller
"Spiller is a smaller, shifty back that is better running outside the tackles and can be heavily involved in the passing game. A great return man with break-away speed. Spiller has had a fantastic senior season and should be a first round draft pick and an immediate impact player for whatever team drafts him."

2010 Scouting Report: CJ Spiller, RB, Clemson - Big Cat Country
A look at Clemson running back C.J. Spiller by the SBN Jaguars blog.

Press Conference Bullets

  • Wilson calls Spiller "a special guy" and says "the Bills have been a dull team over the last 10 years".
  • Ralph calls the Bills "lucky" to get "one of the best players in the country." Asked him if he was fastest guy in the draft; Spiller responded, "yes sir."
  • Spiller says he's a "choice they made they won't regret." He's saying the right things so far.

  • Spiller graduated in 3.5 years with a Sociology degree. Wanted to be an example to kids so he finished his degree.

  • Spiller keeps saying "sir" when answering questions. That kind of stuff goes a long way with me, personally.

  • Says, "I take a lot of pride in my catching ability" and is "familiar being out there" in the slot.

  • Spiller's Clemson team was 1-1 going up against Chan Gailey's Georgia Tech squad.

  • Gailey at the microphone now referencing Spiller: perseverance, character, hard work, versatile

  • "If you ask any defensive coach they'll tell you [how hard it is to play against that kind of speed]." Also said the blockers are going to be better because Spiller is so talented.

  • "I don't worry about people's feelings. I worry about scoring points." - Gailey

  • "Solidly built. He's got about 24 pounds on Roscoe and it's looking like mostly muscle." That from Chris Brown at