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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia - 4/27

Last week we started up the TMBT again with a twist. Last week, I used prospective draftees for the Bills. This week, it is back to the norm.

In case you are new around here, I will spell out the way this works. I will post up four "Mystery Players" and give you four clues as to their identity. Sometimes I sneak in a false clue, because that is a good way to cover up a screw up. You are tasked with trying to figure out whom the players are. All players have one thing in common: they played and/or coached for the Buffalo Bills. You then post you guesses in the comments section.

Feel free to try and look up facts and cheat, but all I ask is this: If you do feel the need to cheat, please do not post your ill-begotten answers in the comments section. Give others the chance to figure them out honestly. It really annoys me to see all the answers filled out early by somebody who cheated. Cheat if you must, just hold off on posting your answer. On with the show.

Mystery Player #1
- I am currently a practicing attorney.
- I played quarterback under Marv Levy.
- I wore jersey number 10.
- I was drafted in the 13th round.

Mystery Player #2
- I won AFL rookie of the year.
- I attended Villanova.
- I am a member of the College Football Hall Of Fame.
- I am currently the head coach for a Collegiate football team.

Mystery Player #3
- I am a member of the Washington State University Hall of Fame.
- I am currently the director of alumni relations for WSU.
- I was involved in one of the most memorable plays in Buffalo Bills history.
- I ended my career with the same team I started it with.

Mystery Player #4
- I attended ISU.
- I was drafted n the 14th round by the Bills.
- I played in the USFL for the Tampa Bay Bandits.
- I wore jersey number 52.