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MTD's Mocking Dan stops by to discuss the Bills' weekend

The greatest asset of SB Nation is the interconnectedness of the 250+ blogs on the network. SB Nation has blogs for each NFL team, and we use those tools frequently. The network is also home to over 70 college football blogs, and also boasts one site devoted entirely to the NFL's Annual Selection Meeting - Mocking the Draft. The editor of Mocking the Draft, Mocking Dan, and I recently discussed the Buffalo Bills' haul over the weekend. Here are his thoughts:

On Bills first-round pick C.J. Spiller:

C.J. Spiller was the most electric player in the draft. He's a playmaker on offense and special teams and he's a threat to score every time he touches the ball. Now, as far as he being a good value for Buffalo, that will be up to them. He's not really a gamble player. What they get out of Spiller is dependent on how much they get him the ball. With Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson, he may not get enough run attempts to warrant a top 10 pick.  Best case: Chris Johnson. Worst case: Leon Washington.

On the Bills "reaching" for second-round pick Torell Troup:

I know calling someone a reach is relative directly to their opinion of the player. So I guess calling him a reach from Buffalo's point of view would be false. From my point of view, however, he was a reach. Troup is a nice player. He's a solid nose tackle who absolutely help in the run game. The problem I have with Troup is that he doesn't blow you away in any one area. He's just above-average to good in every area. I liked some other noses better than him. Best case: Ronald Fields Worst case: Ryan Sims.

On DE Alex Carrington and his transition to the NFL: 

This should tell you something about Carrington: I guested on a radio show on Monday and I called Carrington the sleeper steal of the whole draft. He's really good as a power end and fits the 3-4 really well. I know it's a little hard to project players from the Sun Belt to the NFL, but Carrington is a real playmaker. Best case: Chris Canty. Worst case: Michael Haynes.

On the best thing about WR Marcus Easley:

The best thing about Easley is his combination of size and speed. The Bills don't really have that sort of wide receiver.

On his concerns regarding OT Ed Wang:

The biggest concern about Ed Wang is definitely his lack of physicality. As a former tight end, Wang is as athletic as you'd expect, but he's not a mauler. Remember what made Jason Peters so good for the Bills? To me, it was his power to be a force on the line. Wang doesn't have that.

On whether Levi Brown can be a successful NFL quarterback:

Based on his arm strength and leadership ability, yes, he can be successful. It might take him a couple of years, though, to transition from a wide-open spread to the NFL. He needs to work on some fundamental problems and throwing in the underneath area.

On offensive lineman Kyle Calloway and moving from tackle to guard:

This was one of my favorite picks of the draft. He's kind of the antithesis to Wang. He actually played some at guard at Iowa, so I think he could fit in fine there. His game is based on being physical at the point of attack and using his length. His footwork might force him inside. I think, if nothing else, he's an excellent depth option.

On the reported undrafted free agent signees:

Overall, this is one of my favorite UDFA groups this year. Wayne State's Joique Bell is one of my favorite running backs in the class. He's a good power runner, but I'm not sure how he'll get an opportunity with the Bills. Youngstown State's Donald Jones is a good big receiver who can be physical. He's not especially fast but has good hands. Naaman Roosevelt from Buffalo is a solid straight-line, fourth receiver type of player. I liked Georgia Tech's Cord Howard (T/G) as a zone blocker because of his athleticism and good first step. Antonio Coleman could be a good pass rush specialist and has as good of a chance of making the team as some of the players Buffalo drafted. He's a one-trick pony, but that one trick is a good one.

Thanks to Dan for taking the time to go through the Bills draft picks and UDFA signees. For draft information year-round, head to Mocking the Draft.