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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links, 4/5

Monday mornings in the offseason have been scarce of new information, so I went ahead and planned to do something different this week.  Of course this was the year Donovan McNabb was traded on Easter Sunday.  We'll try something different this week anyways.  I saved a trio of chats from the weekend with Mark Gaughan and Jerry Sullivan of the Buffalo News and Tim Graham of  Most of these quotes would be quotable in a normal Web Rumblings if they were in an article and they are attributed to their source with initials.  Enjoy.

NFL Draft
"I think there is misinformation [about prospects], yes. Definitely. And you can't read too much into who visits where. I mean, the Bills don't usually tip their hand in the way of draft talk. McCargo didn't visit. Neither did Lynch and a buch of others." - MG

"No, [money is not a factor in drafting a QB]. They need a QB. A good QB will cost a fortune either now or eventually. So if they had somebody they loved in the first round, they'd take him. Now let me talk in circles a second. If you're kind of on the fence about Clausen, say, at 9, the money might prompt you to veer away. Bottom line: If they were totally sold on Clausen, they'd take him at 9."- MG

"I like Anthony Davis, based on the clips I saw of him during the season. I thought he looked in pretty good shape at the combine. He sure didn't look smooth running the 40, but who gives a darn about that. The guy has super long arms. He's more talented than any of the top 4. I wouldn't have a problem with Davis.  Yes, there is some risk, but that's the draft for you." - MG

"Dan Williams is 330 pounds.  So let's say the OT market goes all wrong for the Bills in the first 8 picks. He's an option [at nine overall], sure. But they might look DE and Derrick Morgan if that were the case. But I don't see that. I think there will be an OT there for them. Second round. I'd say there's at least a 30 percent chance Terrence Cody - the second coming of Big Ted - is there at 41. Cam Thomas at 41 looks pretty good to me. There are some other prospects. Torell Troup of Central Florida is a 2-gap widebody who could be there in the third." - MG

"I think [Jimmy Clausen] has a good arm. He threw the deep out well at ND. He threw to the wide side of the field when he had to.  But I'm not predicting that. I just think they will shore up the trenches then try to solve the QB whenever and however they can.  Rather than take a QB who they're not totally sold on and throw him to the wolves."- MG

"I agree [they shouldn't necessarily take the fourth-best OT], but there's depth at tackle. I would take a stud defensive player if he was best player available at the time. Of course, if they identify a quarterback they believe is a lock franchise player, they should take him." - JS

"I don't think Clausen is there at 9. Teams tend to sleep on QBs. Remember when Rivers was considered a possible late first-round pick and we were talking about the Bills getting him at 13 that year? He went, what, third?  I didn't like the way he finished games last year in the ones I saw. I can't say I have a solid opinion. I'd defer to the Bills. I think he played a pro style and would be ready to step in, which is what I'd like to see, a rookie who learns on the job right away." - JS"

[I'd be] Against [drafting Tebow in the second round]. But if they really love him, they should get him." - JS

"Left tackle or nose tackle are the ways to go [at No. 9], but if Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen are available, I can't argue with that." - TG

"[If Bradford, Clausen, Tebow, and McCoy are all gone by 41] you have to go with the best player available. The Bills have major needs at every position other than defensive back, kicker and punter." - TG

"Anthony Davis is a decent option for the Bills, but you're right that he's viewed as the fourth-best tackle in the draft. The fourth-best player at any position sounds kind of disappointing with the ninth overall selection, doesn't it? But that doesn't mean it would be a bad choice." - TG"

[According to Vic Carucci of, he has a feeling the Buffalo Bills are going to draft QB Tim Tebow at #9.] If that's what Vic wrote, then you need to give it credence. He knows his stuff and still has great contacts at One Bills Drive from his years covering them for the Buffalo News. Would that be good for the franchise? Boy ... Not if they don't find a left tackle somewhere." - TG

"From what I understand, [Russ Brandon has] zero [influence on the draft room]." - TG

Free Agency
"Cornell Green has a lot more experience at tackle. I suppose given that, Green is better right now as a tackle but we'll never know how much upside [Brad] Butler could have realize."
- MG

"I think they took a flier on a guy with a lot of talent, and they have nothing to lose [by signing Chad Jackson]. Very worthwhile signing. He never seemed to be on the same page with Tom Brady in NE. That was party line with the Pats. So can he adjust to Chan Gailey's system and make plays? Worth a shot. Josh McDaniels cut him in Den after they put Brandon Marshall back on the roster. Don't know why nobody picked him up but that's a statement that nobody did." - MG

"I like the additions. I probably should get on board after ripping them for the Green signing. Edwards will help, though it does trouble me that he failed two other physicals. A value pick if he stays healthy. Davis fills a need." - JS

"[Does Chad Jackson have a chance to start this year?] It's not like he has to beat out Brandon Marshall" - JS

"Another interesting thought would be Flozell Adams going to the Bills. Chan Gailey was his first coach with the Cowboys." - TG

"Regarding guys missing from voluntary workouts, players come in and out. We didn't see Shawn Nelson on Tuesday, but he very well could have had a personal obligation.  I would fully expect him to be there for most of the workouts.  I didn't see Cary Harris or C.J. Hawthorne. They might have been there ... But guys like that, if they were missing it was a one-day situation and they'll be there.
" - MG

"Until Schobel shows up, you have to set him aside [in discussing the 3-4]. I think Maybin has a lot of talent and an excellent first step. It's logical to me he'd be better in the 3-4. So I think he's going to take a step forward in his career. Kelsay is a super hard worker. He is what he is. I think he's going to have about the same production.  I'm not sure Chris Ellis projects as well to the 3-4. I'll be interested to talk to him about his weight and what he thinks." - MG

The QB Situation
"I think we'll have to see if they take a QB in Round 2. I think Fitz has every bit as good a chance as the other two to open the season. If it's a QB in Round 2, then he has a good chance to move up and start during the season."- MG

"I think Trent Edwards has to perform very well on the field and consistently to build up confidence among everyone [to win over the locker room]." - MG

"[In response to Trent Edwards' comment from OTA's about Jerry second-guessing him.] I guess he didn't point out that I was his biggest supporter the first two years. Why wouldn't anyone doubt him now? There are always doubts about quarterbacks. He makes it sound as if it's personal. I just don't think Trent knows how to be a tough guy and leader. I thought so when things were going well for him, but he hasn't handled adversity well. And he's the one who threw his offensive coordinator under the bus. Now it sounds like he's questioning the other coaches.  Edwards did hide out after losing his job. It doesn't show a lot of courage. At least J.P. continued to talk. "  He also says Trent is "very" thin-skinned. - JS

Roster other than QB
"I think any player - or any person for that matter - has to play to their strengths. Kyle Williams said, I think, he played at 304 last season. That's a good weight for him, give or take a few pounds. He's not a natural 320 pounder. If he could bulk up that far, he wouldn't be nearly as effective. With Kyle at NT, they have to let him play one-gap - much of the time. Kyle talked about how New England has their 3 guys play 2-game most of the time. But Dallas, for instance, has their 3 DL's play one-gap almost all the time. Jay Ratliff is a one-gap NT. That's the way they'd get the best production out of Williams. Now, if they drafted Cam Thomas or T.Cody, they could do both and play two gap with that thumper in there."- MG

"Can't say I've given [the Bills backup guard situation] a lot of thought. But I think Jamon Meredith will be a serviceable backup at both. Wouldn't surprise me to see them grab a swing lineman late." - JS

"They get pretty good leadership from Chris Kelsay and George Wilson in the locker room. I think they could use another forceful player to lead them on the field. A stud linebacker, for example. I don't think leadership has been a problem in general. They've played hard in recent seasons and not quit. The biggest leadership problem is not having a quarterback who is a legitimate starter and NFL playmaker. That's the best leadership of all." - JS

"I've asked both Chan Gailey and Buddy Nix about Lynch, and I get the strong sense they want him on the team -- if he's committed." - TG

"At receiver, they're hoping James Hardy emerges. They used the 41st pick on him two years ago." - TG

The Front Office
"I think Buddy Nix was just about as good a fit at GM as they could have had. He's a proven builder in the draft. He knows good football players. He knows the Bills' organization, from Ralph Wilson on down. So there's no transition period as far as him figuring out the front office or the owner or the administration politics, which exist everywhere.  I think the fans in any city would be justified to be antsy or angry or whatever after a decade of no playoffs." - MG

"No one should get the benefit of the doubt here. Leave yourself room for surprise. [Gailey] was a weak choice by a team that couldn't get a top candidate." - JS

Random Quotes
"Bills do a good breakfast [in the press box]. I hate how most NFL cities put out lunch food at 10 in the morning. Joke." - JS

"Buffalo is a safe bet [to be the worst team in the East]." - TG