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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links, 4/6

MENDOLA: So You Didn't Get What? - WGR 550 SportsRadio
"After years and years of frustration, it's not in Bills fans' best interest to award loser points for effort in the Donovan McNabb sweepstakes. You either get the guy you want, or you don't. But the Bills reportedly dogged pursuit of the veteran quarterback does say something important. Buffalo's Buddy Nix and Chan Gailey know they need better."

Will the 'Skins get good value for Campbell? | National Football Post
"I asked around this morning about what value Campbell would have in the trade market and the response I got from multiple sources was in the fourth-round range. In reality, both sides win if a deal for Campbell goes down. The ‘Skins get something in return for a player that would be an unrestricted free agent in 2011 — and a player who would serve as a backup to McNabb — and the new club gets a guy who can compete for a starting job at an average price of a fourth-round pick."

Joe from NYC Blog: Bills wanted McNabb, but the feeling wasn't mutual
"No one, and I mean, no one wants to play for the Buffalo Bills. The only players who want to come here are ones who have failed physicals or are looking to rebuild their image. I swear, I wouldn't put it past Jimmy Clausen to say he's not coming to Buffalo if they choose him in the draft. I kid..sort of. "


McNabb Leftovers
Campbell a fine consolation for Buffalo - AFC East Blog - ESPN

"Scouts Inc. analyst Matt Williamson is really high on the fit with Jason Campbell in Buffalo. 'His style of play seems to fit the system, environment and franchise as a whole.'"

Will Bills be interested in Jason Campbell? : Buffalo Sports Daily
"Campbell has mostly gotten a bad rap during his first four years, but if you examine his numbers they’re surprisingly good. He’s completed 61.1% of his passes and tossed 53 touchdowns against 38 interceptions. His biggest problem is with fumbles; he’s put the ball on the ground 30 times and lost 12 of them. He’s also been sacked 79 times over the past two seasons, something Bills quarterbacks are exceptionally familiar with."

Report: Five teams interested in Jason Campbell |
"He's far cheaper and younger than McNabb. Campbell may not have the pedigree McNabb does, but we don't think their trade value (or talent level at this point) is that different."

Donovan McNabb Slights The City Of Buffalo | Bleacher Report
"The most recent hit to the city's pride came when Donovan McNabb declined a trade to the Bills that included a contract extension. Though McNabb would finally have a city full of fans who would be behind him and have a chance to play out his career until he decides the time has come, Donovan declined."

NFL Draft
DL Jones to work out for Bills – Inside The Bills

"The Bills will be conducting a private workout with Syracuse DL Arthur Jones some time before the draft. Heading into last season he was widely thought to be a late first round prospect, but after a pectoral injury lifting weights last spring, followed by the torn meniscus, a good workout Tuesday will be needed to just get him back into round two. He’s currently seen as a third-round pick by most of the draft "experts.""

BillBoard: NU hoops to NFL?
"Overshadowed by the Mike Williams pro day Monday was another one in an unlikely Western New York location. Niagara University basketball star Tyrone Lewis worked out for five NFL teams on the Lewiston campus - Buffalo, Cleveland, Green Bay, Indianapolis and San Diego."

Mike Williams Impresses At Pro Day - WGR 550 SportsRadio
"In front of family, friends, trainers, scouts, media and a field trip of elementary school children, [Buffalo-based and former Syracuse wide receiver] Mike Williams put on a display of pure athleticism at the Thurman Thomas Sports Training center. Teams present at the workout included the Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, San Diego Chargers, Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens and the Buffalo Bills."

Bills Show Interest in Former Riverside Star Mike Williams : Buffalo Sports Daily
"He is a great talent but a train wreck as a person." Florio’s source told him in a published report last month. "He was horrible in interviews blaming everyone but himself for his problems at Syracuse…He did catch the ball [at the Scouting Combine] but everything else was poor."

Draft Profile: Saffold's game a credit to Bills assistant -
"Indiana tackle Roger Saffold’s former offensive line coach at Indiana, Bobby Johnson, joined Chan Gailey’s staff just over a month ago as the assistant offensive line coach. The impact that Johnson had on the development of Saffold was significant."

Bills Focus: Offensive Tackle Draft Preview (2:54) -
The Bills website focuses in on the top OT prospects in the draft.

McNabb means OT for Skins – Inside The Bills
"So assuming Washington takes an OT fourth (probably Okung), the Chiefs will likely take another at five, then Seattle at six to replace Walter Jones and possibly the Raiders at eight, it leaves Buffalo with the distinct possibility of missing out on one of the top four OTs in the draft. And there is a bit of a drop off after the top four."

McNabb To 'Skins Means What For Bills? - WGR 550 SportsRadio
"What does it mean for the Buffalo Bills? It means that the Bills will more than likely have the opportunity to select Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen if they want him."

BillBoard: Clausen Watch Begins
"There's a pretty good chance the Redskins now will take a left tackle with the fourth overall pick. So that could have a big impact on which tackles are available to the Bills at No. 9 -- and at No. 41 in the second round, should they take Clausen. Let the hand-wringing begin."

Kelly Isn't "Urging" Bills to Draft Tebow | WGRZ
After a conversation with Jim Kelly, WGRZ's Ed Kilgore says the former Bills QB isn't urging the Bills to do anything without seeing Tebow workout. Kelly enjoyed his dinner with Tebow and came away impressed but that's got little to do with Tebow's on-field work.

Last word on Jim Kelly and Tim Tebow |
"The average fan believes that Kelly is qualified to make such recommendations because he played the game at a high level, and the average fan doesn't realize that the duty of distinguishing between one player and another is far more delicate and difficult. Also, the average Bills fan who is inclined to piss and/or moan about the Bills' personnel decisions will be inclined to point to Kelly's words if, for example, they pass on Tebow in round one and round two -- and if the Bills continue to struggle at the quarterback position."

McNabb trade shouldn't have dramatic impact on draft |
Mike Florio takes a look at the domino effect caused by the Donovan McNabb trade.

RealGM Football: The Twelfth Writer - Interview With The Scout, Part II
"Look, he’s got some warts. That kid was a world class prick when he got there, but he figured it out and grew up. You could really see it over the last year. They ran an NFL offense and (Clausen) made reads and drops that none of the other guys have even thought about. He just anticipates routes so well. Now would I like to see him gun it a little harder sometimes, yeah, sure. But for my money this kid is the surest bet in this draft (at QB)."

Other Bills Links
POLLOCK: Missing Lynch still with the Bills (for now) | Olean Times Herald

Chuck Pollack opines on Marshawn Lynch, the Toronto series, and Langston Walker.

Former Razorback George Wilson Keeps Finding Ways To Surprise Us | Arkansas Sports
"Wilson, who ranks among the highest paid professional athletes with Arkansas ties has a knack for surprising people. He walked-on at Arkansas after being passed over by even homestate Kentucky. From there he became an all-SEC performer that has stuck around the NFL after a position switch."

Buffalo Brackets - WGR550
Jim Kelly is the finalist from the Buffalo Bills region of the Buffalo Bracket.  Ron Jaworski tops the "from here" category.  The two will meet in the semifinal match-up.