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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links, 4/7

NFL Blog Blitz: Buffalo Bills powered by
Terry Long breaks down the options facing the Bills - trade for Jason Campbell or draft Jimmy Clausen. Pretty straight forward.

Ravens' search might end with Gresham -
"It appears that all the trade talk about Ravens left offensive tackle Jared Gaither was a ploy to get the third-year player to start attending offseason workouts in Baltimore with the rest of the team. When he played at the University of Maryland, the knock on Gaither was that he wasn't a hard worker, and his early absences only added to that reputation around the league."

All-Time draft memories: Jim Kelly -
"My agent looked at me after Elway got picked and the problem that arose from it and he said, ‘Hey Jim, is there anywhere that you don’t want to play?’ I said, ‘Oh yeah, I don’t want to play for the Minnesota Vikings,’" said Kelly. "’I don’t want to play for the Green Bay Packers and I don’t want to play for the Buffalo Bills.’" He was so overjoyed when the Bills didn't pick him at 12 he knocked his mom off her chair.

Free Agency
QB-deficient teams could do much worse than Marc Bulger - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports

"If there's a quarterback-deficient team out there that feels like they can win now, as opposed to staying in the rebuilding phase for another year or two -- and I have a feeling that both the Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills have deluded themselves into thinking that's the case -- then they should absolutely give Bulger a call."

Marc Bulger not bummed by his release |
"If Bulger hopes to be the undisputed starter, his choices are limited to perhaps the Raiders and the Bills. Even with those teams, however, Bulger would have to earn the job."

Handicapping the field for Marc Bulger |
"Buffalo and Oakland: They reportedly have showed interest in Jason Campbell. Bulger could be a consolation prize and he won't cost a draft pick."

NFL Draft
BillBoard: Draft watch: Mike Iupati

A quick look at Idaho guard Mike Iupati.

Big trade scrambles the draft : Buffalo Bills : The Buffalo News
Allen Wilson breaks down the ripple effect caused by the Donovan McNabb trade and its impact on the Bills. He takes the left tackle and QB situations into account.

The Big Question: Is Williams worth risk? - AFC East Blog - ESPN
Tim Graham looks at the big receiver from Syracuse, noting the Buffalo native had Bills scouts at his pro day and that the Bills need a WR.

Williams works out for NFL scouts |
WIVB interviewed Mike Williams and filmed his pro day workout. Click it here to hear more.

6 of 24 draft players Tony Pike |
News 4 Sports exams the sixth player in their 24 players in 24 days: Tony Pike

7 of 24 draft players Dexter McCluster |
News 4 Sports continues it's look at this year's draft class with 24 players in 24 days. We're switch gears to running backs.

8 of 24 draft players CJ Spiller |
The number one running back in the draft? C.J. Spiller of Clemson. He's in the spotlight as we continue to profile 24 players in 24 days.

9 of 24 draft players James Starks |
"Just about two weeks away is the NFL draft and it's a long time between action for the next player we profile in 24 players in 24 days. The best running back in the history of the University at Buffalo didn't even play his senior year and now he's ready for the NFL."

NU basketball star could try football |
WIVB interviews Tyrone Lewis. The Niagara basketball star also worked out for pro teams Monday.

McShay Mock Draft - ESPN Video - ESPN
Todd McShay gives his top nine picks ending with the Bills picking Jimmy Clausen after all four top OTs come off the board.