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Rumblings Roundtable: Call for Questions

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Greetings fellow Rumblers! This will be the first in a weekly series of posts to get a chance to ask the Rumblings staff those burning questions that you have always wanted to ask, but maybe never got around to. With this, I introduce the Rumblings Roundtable.

Want to hear what the staff thinks about how we rate the recent Bills draft? Maybe which player will have the greatest impact in a Bills uniform this season? Or what quarterback is best suited to lead this team and why? Any team-related question is open for discussion, and the more creative, the better.

Additionally, the forum is open for those personal questions about the staff that you wondered about. Maybe you're curious how Rumblings started? Or what weird game day rituals the staff has? If we are boxers, briefs or neither type of people.

Post your questions in the comments section below and rec the questions that you like or find insightful. We will select the top one or two reader-submitted questions related to the team and one non-football related question for as many of the staff that we can get. We'll close the comments section on Wednesday, and the first installment of Rumblings Roundtable will soon follow.

Open forum people, have at it!