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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia - 5/11

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Okay Rumblers, as you may or may not know, today is Tuesday. That means it is time for a TMBT. I won't be around most of the day, so I am emailing the answers to Brian. Don't really have anything else to add, so have at it.

Mystery Bill 1
- I was a Longhorn
- I was a first round draft choice
- I was a pro bowl MVP
- I played for three different NFL teams

Mystery Bill 2
- I attended Southern Illinois
- I was a thirteenth round draft choice of the Baltimore Colts
- I played in back-to-back AFC Championship games
- I played for four NFL franchises

Mystery Bill 3
- I too was a Longhorn
- I was the first player ever to leave one of Mack Brown's UT teams with college eligibility remaining
- I went undrafted
- I spent the majority of my playing career in Canada, being watched by CBF.

Mystery Bill 4
- I attended Louisville
- I was drafted in the seventh round
- I scored 22 touchdown during my college career
- I played for two NFL franchises