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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links, 5/13

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Harvey looking to anchor down -
"If there’s one player particularly excited about the Buffalo Bills’ new 3-4 defensive scheme, it would have to be nose tackle Lonnie Harvey. With bulk and power being the main prerequisite for the defensive line in the coming season, Harvey appears to fit the bill." Next Year's Role Model
"He remembers his first game when the kids on the other team went up to him and pulled their eyes back in an effort to slant them, a derogatory attempt at his Chinese heritage. Wang can recall hurtful words and imitations of his speech pattern coming from opposing teams, mimicking a "Chinese accent." But always, always, Wang kept his attention focused on the task at hand and not what others said. Just like mom said."

NFL Blog Blitz: Buffalo Bills powered by
"If the Bills plan to compete at all next season, the running backs will play the starring role in the team's offensive scheme and strategy. Gailey's accomplishment with quarterbacks is well documented, but it's hard to find a breakdown of how his apparent offensive genius has used running backs in the offense."

Jairus Byrd and DROY re-vote
Byrd second again in re-vote – Inside The Bills

"The unprecedented re-vote for AP NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year wound up being a fruitless pursuit. It’s too bad. They missed an opportunity to make a statement against performance enhancing substances, that they all freely decry in their columns. This would’ve had a bigger impact in my opinion."

BillBoard: Cushing retains award
"It shouldn't come as a surprise that Cushing gets to keep the award despite his positive drug test. A number of voters had a problem with stripping Cushing because other players have been able to keep postseason honors after being suspended for violating the league's drug policy. Some voters stuck with Cushing because all the facts of his case have not been revealed. Others point out that Cushing had clean tests after the positive one in September."

Twitter / Ross Tucker
"I used to pretty much put zero stock into postseason awards. Now even less, amazingly. I guess that would be negative stock?"

Twitter / Thurman Thomas
The voters, Owners,and the NFLPA are making a big mistake by letting Cushing keep this award. How many kids have his jersey,sld burn it?

Twitter / Aaron Maybin
"If the Byrdman wasn't rookie of the year last year after the recent news, whoevers voting needs to be the one gettin tested"

Byrd not the word after rookie revote - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"Even so, Byrd deserved the award."

2011 NFL Draft
Analyze Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck - Mocking The Draft

For you guys already looking forward to the Luck sweepstakes. "This is not a highlight reel, it's every throw Luck had against USC in 2009."

More Bills Links
Bills waive RB, OL -

"A day after waiving defensive lineman Marlon Favorite, the Bills also parted ways with two more players Wednesday. Buffalo waived RB Walter Mendenhall and OL Kyle Mutcher."

Free agent Antonio Coleman trying to beat odds by earning spot with Buffalo Bills |
"Five months ago, Antonio Coleman was the big man on campus. Now he’s just another name on a list of long shots trying to prove they belong in the NFL. Coleman, the Williamson High alum who led the SEC in sacks and tackles for loss at Auburn last season, began his professional career last week with a three-day mini-camp in Buffalo, where he’s trying to make the Bills as a free agent."

Poz’s playmaking right up there – Inside The Bills
"Paul Posluszny (2.00) had the second highest WPA among linebackers for the 2009 regular season with only Lamarr Woodley (2.10)faring better than him. In positive expected points added per game, Poz ranked third overall among linebackers finishing behind only Carolina’s Thomas Davis and Houston’s Brian Cushing."

Wang on NPR – Inside The Bills
"Here’s Wang’s interview with NPR as well as the transcript in case the radio interview does not play on your computer." Interesting note by Chris Brown, Wang is pronounced "Wong".

Bills fans hate Willis McGahee : Buffalo Sports Daily
According to a recent BSD poll, Willis McGahee is the most despised Buffalo Bills of the last decade in an easy win over J.P. Losman and Jason Peters.

NFL Blog Blitz: Buffalo Bills powered by
"The returner competition just got that much better. With great players in the return game already on the roster in Leodis McKelvin, C.J. Spiller and Roscoe Parrish, the Bills just gave special teams coach Bruce DeHaven yet another weapon on his squad. It will be interesting to see how the competition plays out through the OTAs and training camp."

2007 draft review: JaMarcus Russell flop seals Raiders' fate -
"They moved up to get ILB Paul Posluszny (2nd), who looks like he'll be productive if he can remain healthy. But former Pro Bowl RB Marshawn Lynch (1st) has seen his once-promising career spiral downward, and QB Trent Edwards (3rd) has failed to establish himself." The Bills get a C.

Gregg Williams wanted Buffalo Bills to draft Drew Brees | Democrat and Chronicle
Drew Brees was the headliner at Wednesday's 61st annual Rochester Press-Radio Club Day of Champions Charity Dinner. "Buffalo Bills lineman Andy Levitre and wide receiver James Hardy were at the head table. Hardy replaced lineman, Eric Wood, who couldn't make it."

Verizon Wireless Buffalo Bills Mobile iNzone TXT2WIN ®
Enter for free to win a chance at VIP tickets to training camp and a signed football by the Bills top pick (presumably C.J. Spiller).