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Bills showing interest in Australian rugby star

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Australia's Herald Sun is reporting that four NFL teams, including the Buffalo Bills and the Denver Broncos, have expressed interest in holding a tryout with Australian rugby star Greg Inglis, 23.

Inglis is a 6'5", 238-pound veteran of the Melbourne Storm. Playing many positions throughout his career, the versatile Inglis is a highly-sought-after commodity in Australia, where nine clubs are preparing to pursue him as Melbourne anticipates a $1.7 million salary cap purge.

The report indicates that NFL scouts based in Australia believe that Inglis could have a future in the NFL as, believe it or not, "a kick returner or a linebacker." That belief should indicate the type of raw athletic ability that Inglis possesses. That athleticism, and not necessarily any one American football skill set, is what has piqued the interest of the NFL.

It's believed that Inglis, who has played professional rugby since the age of 18 and currently earns about $500,000 per season, would prefer to stay with rugby and the Melbourne Storm in the immediate future. The 2009 recipient of the Golden Boot Award, given annually to the best rugby player in the world, Inglis could try out with NFL teams this September, but would not likely pursue the opportunity any further at this point in time.