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Drayton Florence tweets on defense, other topics

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Last night, Drayton Florence took fan questions via Twitter.  He opened up to questions about the offseason and the Fall in the unplanned Q&A.  In response to the questions, Florence expressed his affinity for the 3-4 defense and agreed it was time to move past the Tampa 2.

"I love the 3-4. It's only as good as the pass rush, though.  It doesn't bring more or less man coverage."

One of the first hirings by new Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey was a new defensive coordinator.  The Bills hired George Edwards from the University of Florida via the Miami Dolphins.  He has experience with transitioning from the 4-3 to the 3-4, having done it in Miami.  The Bills cornerback had high praise for his new defensive coordinator.

"He's very detailed, very demanding, and a good communicator."

When looking ahead to the 2010 season, Florence was to the point with his answer.  His goal is the postseason and he wasn't shy about mentioning it.  When a questioner asked how many wins he expected this season, Florence laid it out.

"However many we need to get in the playoffs," said the second-year Bill.  He later would add that there's, "not much" to do in Buffalo and, "that's why we should be in the playoffs every year."  I don't know about the first thing but I'm on board with playoffs.  Maybe the reason why he thinks there isn't a lot to do in Buffalo is his choice of hangouts.  When asked about his favorite wings in Buffalo he said, "Oak Tree."

The Bills quarterback situation is "completely open" said Florence.  But that they will support the QB who is "the one that helps us get wins" between Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brian Brohm, or Levi Brown.

When the subject of his teammates came up, Florence answered several questions on his current mates. He listed Fred Jackson as his favorite Buffalo Bill.  He says he hangs out most with Marcus Stroud and George Wilson, or as he referred to them, "99 and 37."  Despite his April Fools Day tweet saying Aaron Schobel was retiring, Florence doesn't really know what's going on with the second-leading sack artist in team history.

"I don't know [if Schobel will be back] but I hope he does, even if he doesn't come to camp.  He's a baller."

He also added his thoughts on whether Marshawn Lynch will be a Bill in September.

"I hope [Marshawn Lynch stays on the roster] but it's hard to have 3 starters."

At the end of the night he had taken more than twenty questions from over a dozen fans.  This off-season his number one personal goal has been working on his flexibility.  He can almost do a split now.  Let's hope his other personal goals come to fruition as well. 

"Defensive MVP, lead the NFL in picks, no touchdown catches, no missed tackles, 1 turnover per game.  I will be on the field from play one to the end of the game, Lord willing."