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Yahoo's Cole: Bills have NFL's worst QB situation

Entering the 2010 off-season, the biggest question mark surrounding the Buffalo Bills resided at the quarterback position. Exiting the 2010 off-season and entering preparations for the regular season, the biggest question mark surrounding the Bills still resides at the quarterback position.

The trio of quarterbacks that closed out an unremarkable (to put it kindly) 2009 season - Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Brohm - return. The stable at the position was bolstered in the form of seventh-round pick Levi Brown, a Troy product. Buffalo enters the season with, for all intents and purposes, a four-way competition for the starting quarterback gig.

Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports just happens to think that the scenario laid out above makes the Bills' QB position the worst in the league.

It's hard to argue with him. Buffalo's most experienced on-field quarterback is the embattled Edwards, he of multiple career injuries, shattered confidence and just 30 professional starts. The team's highest-upside player, Brohm, was a flame-out in Green Bay, falling from highly-touted second-round pick to practice squad fodder. Fitzpatrick has the look of a career journeyman depth player, and Brown's a rookie that might be two years away from being ready to compete.

The Bills certainly aren't the only team with a less-than-desirable quarterback situation. Arizona's in for a rude awakening this year, if you ask me, and teams like Carolina, Denver and Cleveland are rolling the dice in a big way, as well. But I've gotten emails from distraught readers asking me to refute Cole's claim, and my answer is a steadfast 'no.' I'm not saying that the Bills will have the worst quarterbacks in the league next year. But there's no good reason to argue against someone calling them the league's worst stable of quarterbacks in May.