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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills Links, 5/2

Off The Record : April 29 : Next Question: Andy Levitre
"Buffalo Bill Andy Levitre is in the hot seat and talks T.O. and playing Trent Edwards in high school."

Inside the NFL: Nixon, DeLamielleure lead pension fight : Inside the NFL : The Buffalo News
"Joe DeLamielleure and another former Bill, Jeff Nixon, are among the leaders in the crusade to improve older players' benefits. DeLamielleure has been an outspoken critic of the pension and benefits system and has used his prestige as a Hall of Famer to draw attention to the issue."

Spiller did it right: Staying in school, getting his degree was a smart move " Anderson Independent Mail
"This young man is on his way to the big time, and his Clemson "family" couldn’t be prouder or happier than his real family in Lake Butler, Fla. For Spiller did it right. He resisted the lure of NFL riches to return to Clemson for his final year of eligibility and graduated with a degree in sociology last December. The Clemson trustee board gave him a standing ovation at graduation."

More Bills Links
Roosevelt knows Bills facilities well – Inside The Bills

Naaman Roosevelt has played a game at Ralph Wilson Stadium, he had his pro day at the Bills fieldhouse, and he lives in the community already.

My Resignation Letter To Ralph Wilson | Bleacher Report
One Bills fan officially resigns from being a Bills fan.

Buffalo Bills Need Second Star Beofre They Can Succeed | Bleacher Report
"The Bills will be a sub-par football team until they add another weapon to the offensive side of the ball."

Sports, Ink: This Day in Buffalo Sports History: A replacement
On this date in 1978 the Bills selected RB Terry Miller fifth overall in the draft to replace OJ Simpson. That didn't go so well.