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Rumblings Roundtable: 5/22

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Fan (noun): an enthusiastic devotee, follower, or admirer of a sport, pastime, celebrity, or other entity.

Arguably, if you are a member of the site you are a fan of the Buffalo Bills. But how many of you, then, are members of other NFL blogs? Granted, there could be a logical reason of this being the case. For example, perhaps you joined to defend your team's honor or their star player. But what if there was another reason? Something that you don't admit to as much and keep to yourself, only to really bring it up when it is truly relevant.

Do you have a second favorite team?

Far-fetched isn't it? Maybe not as crazy as you think though. You asked the staff at Rumblings if we had a second favorite team; our answers are after the jump.

Kaisertown starts us off by introducing the idea to the group:

I don't have a second favorite team, but I'm definitely not against the concept.  As a big fantasty guy, I tend to cheer for players more than teams (other than the Bills, of course).  I've cheered on the Colts in the playoffs many times based on Marvin Harrison and Dwight Freeney being former Syracuse stars (I love my Orange).  In other sports, I have second favorite teams.  For whatever reason, I've always liked the Phoenix Coyotes.   Maybe it's feeling for Winnipeg losing a team or maybe I always thought Gretzky and Co. were onto something with the young roster, but I've liked that team since the moment they moved.  Always liked the Jets too, so maybe that's it.  I've also been a fan of Clemson since my freshman year of college.  I'm a die-hard Syracuse fan, but I went to Canisius and dormed there.  All the guys on my floor did an NCAA football on EA Sports dynasty together and it was incredible.  I ended up playing with Clemson.  We probably did a dozen seasons with 10 or so guys.  Been a Clemson fan since.

Mirroring on that, I will confess to rooting for another team the odd time but only in certain conditions:

I don't have a second favorite team but I do feel something in my heart for the underdog or the lovable loser if you will.  So once the Bills stop playing, I gravitate to those who I feel have had the most hardship if you will (all AFC East teams don't apply).  For example, I was definitely rooting for the Saints in their playoff run last year and was happy to see them win.  Don't get me wrong, I am a Bills fan first but a solid football fan and I don't think there is anything wrong with having a rooting interest in another team just not a natural rival, that is just too much.

So defining rules makes it okay. Or does it? I guess it depends on who you ask.  Brian doesn't think so:

I don't believe in having a second favorite anything, let alone team. Either something is your favorite, or it is not. I do not, however, despise all teams that I don't have a rooting interest in. Except the Jets. Wow, I can't stand the Jets - and I don't really have a rational explanation for that stance.

And he is not alone in that sentiment as Kurupt reiterates:

I don't believe in having a second favorite team. I hate the idea. Like Brian, either you have a favorite team or you don't. I'm a Bills fan all the way and I really couldn't care less about rooting for anyone else. I root for certain teams to lose, Pats, Jets, Dolphins, Giants, Eagles, and respect certain organizations a great deal. The Steelers, Ravens and Colts come to mind, but I'd never root for them. I'm rooting for the Bills (and my fantasy players, of course) and saying screw the rest of 'em.

And Jeff Winters makes it three by reminding us of how deep his loyalty lies:

Sports bigamy should be a crime, punishable by being forced to watch an endless loop of Patriots Super Bowl footage for one year minimum. As a tangent, I once knew a girl who rooted for the Giants, Jets, and Bills under the "they’re from New York!" theory; needless to say, I openly despised her and hoped she’d get trapped in a bathroom with a large man who had to go number two.  So yeah, I don’t have a second favorite team and hate people who do.

Der Jaeger brings us back a little and shows us that maybe things go beyond team loyalties:

I used to despise all other teams.  Seriously.  Before this off-season, there was no in between for me.  I'm uber-competitive and very loyal, and only have room for Buffalo teams.  I still despise Denver, but I will root for Tebow.

MattRichWarren echoes those sentiments with a broader approach:

I don't root for a second-favorite team.  I root for "good" and "hard-working" players.  I have a lot of respect for guys like Peyton Manning.  When you see greatness I think you have to acknowledge it (unless it's on the Jets, Dolphins or Patriots).

Sometimes it just in your financial interest to root for someone, as Ron from NM illustrates:

I'm in an office pool in which each person picks a team and rides them for a season. Every week my team wins I get paid so how could I not root for the 49ers? (Yeah, and I have the Bills as well...)

In summary, sireric captures it short and sweet for Bills fans:

Whoever is playing the Patriots and Dolphins.

One thing is for certain, the love of the Bills is the strongest for all but some people have their weaker moments, for one reason or another. 

So where do you fall in this spectrum and why?