Inaugural version of: "I said that?" (Pre-NFL Draft Edition)

Ok, so we all know that the months leading up to the NFL draft is a time filled with predictions, strong opinions and heated arguments. So I decided to go back in the archives, pick out a few of the bolder comments made pre-draft, and revisit them in all their glory! This is meant to be a fun experiment....I tried to include good, bad, and funny comments....and I tried not to key on any one person. If this goes over well, I could do a few others....including comments made during the draft....and also pre-season comments. So without further adieu, let's get to the comments! (not in any type of order.) Please feel free to discuss which ones were the best below:

I said that? Pre-2010 NFL Draft Edition

"I think there is a strong chance that the Bills' pick in the second round this year is a NT - Cam Thomas or Torrell Troup of Linval Joseph (whoever they like best). And whoever they choose among that group will likely be a very valuable contributor to the team for years to come." - Macktruck 4/17/10

"I fully agree with you on Best. I think he'll be the better pro, assuming concussions aren't an issue. I like him better than Spiller and feel he's the better all around RB. I'm not sure why Spiller gets all the ink, either, because Best is every bit the playmaker Spiller is. If he goes where many project, late 1st or early 2nd, some team will have gotten a steal." - Kurupt 4/17/10

"Here's hoping Gailey's scatback can be found in the 5th round or later...I loathe the idea of wasting high impact draft choices on running backs." - Port Royal 4/17/10

"And agree to an extent. I think he's bracing the fans for not getting everything they had hoped to get (like a QB, starting LT, starting NT, starting OLB, etc) all in one draft." (speaking about Nix) - Kurupt 4/16/10

"I thought Buddy Nix's luncheon quotes were a little obnoxious also. He basically called out the fans for mock drafting too much. Has anyone else heard all of these CJ Spiller at #9 predictions? That would be soooo stupid." - MikeD28x 4/16/10

"Asside from Hughes who was addressed earlier, Modrack lit up when talking about Terrell Troup. Buddy did the same with Spiller. Probably doesn't mean that much, but take it for what its worth." - evdawg419 4/14/10

"I just pray we don't take....Spiller at 9. I am just not a believer in drafting RBs high in the first round. Especially not when we already have two very good RBs. I think Spiller can be good, but I don't think he's a superstar in the making. As much as I'd hate Tebow at 9, I don't think there is one player I'd like LESS than Spiller at 9. I think that pick would be a complete luxury pick that we can't afford. It would remind me of the McGahee/Parrish picks of previous years." - CBATL32 4/14/10

"modrak thinks that dt/nt is a deeper part of the draft, lends one to think he will wait till later to get someone like troupe.." - Silverstreak3k 4/15/10

"And I've totally been saying for awhile, that just because someone envisions something as the Bills greatest need, doesnt mean the Bills view it as something they must spend a 1st round pick on." - Mob16151 4/15/10

"Levi is interesting prospects because I been to many of Troy's game and saw him play and torched defense, including LSU in 2008, which that game still make me sick to my stomach. I just not think that he is a prospect that fits us. He needs to go to a team like New England that runs the run n' shoot or Indianpolis because of the No Huddle." (discussing Levi Brown) - Trojans3 4/12/10

"I cant believe we are even discussing this with the draft ten days away. For now I'm going to believe that Gailey and Nix are not going to go the route of drafting Levi Brown in round 6. " - Poz 4/12/10

" Luckily, I cant get too mad. I think at this point all the "rumors" seem to be indicating that the Buffalo Bills are the team most interested in Tim Tebow. Everything Nix AND Gailey say they want in a QB prospect you find in Tebow. Add to that Jim Kellys endorsement of the kid and I think we may be headed for a Tebow at 9 scenario. I think its such a serious possibility I've already ran over the implications of such a move in my head to prepare myself for it when it happens." - Poz 4/12/10

"Would you pass on Clausen because you had Delhomme and Wallace? Neither will Holmgren." - Der Jaeger 4/10/10

"I think Bell and Meredith are purely LTs, so letting them compete there makes sense to me. I don't think Chambers sticks, and I'd like a Kyle Calloway in the mid-rounds to eventually take over for Cornell Green." - Brian Galliford 4/10/10

"How about Ed Wang at Virginia Tech? He's got above average athleticism and possesses the demeanor that we should be looking for. If the Bills aren't able to get one early, I wouldn't be opposed to grabbing Wang (ha!) in the 4th or 5th and seeing what he can do. At worst, he looks like a solid RT prospect, as well...." - Kurupt 4/10/10

"if Troupe and Cody are both available in the second who do you like?" - Bills of Erie 4/9/10

"That's not even a debate. Cody. I don't think Cody will make it to 41." Brian Galliford 4/9/10

"I'll give Troup a 75% of becoming a Buffalo Bill. I will also make up 60% of my statistics on the spot." - Rbbills 4/9/10

"Your opinion on Griffen as a prospect doesn't fly with league opinion, though. If he doesn't go in the first round, he'll be gone early in the second. He's not a one-trick pony; aside from maybe JPP, he's by far the most athletic 4-3 end prospect available this year. Not sure where that third-round grade comes from; he's been higher than that all along." (talking about Everson Griffen) - Brian Galliford 4/8/10

"But if that's the game plan, OL, DL, and QB need to be solved first and the first three rounds of the next few drafts is the only place they can be counted on to be accomplished. OLBs, WRs, third down backs, and all the other finesse hood ornaments need to take a back seat." - Port Royal 4/9/10

"I make it a practice to drop all of my pre-conceived notions about players the day before the draft, because really, WTF do I know about football players?" - Brian Galliford 4/7/10

"yea it's always like "If we draft that guy I'm gonna be pissed..." Two days later you're only seeing their upside." - ForeignArrow 4/8/10

"I'll admit it: I'm going to go completely bananas if we pass on Clausen. This franchise desperately needs a face of the franchise and I don't care if we need O-line help and whatever. QB is our biggest need and this new regime needs to send the right message to the fan base that they're serious about making this franchise great again and the best way to do that is by acquiring a franchise QB." - BillsfanfromDenmark 4/3/10

"the Bills cant and wont pass on Clausen...his resume and ability to fit such a big need is just too attractive to ignore." - uPitt_BillsFan 4/3/10

"1 - Jimmy Clausen - I actually like him better than Bradford and ..... gasp ... even Jake Locker. I think quarterbacking in the NFL is largely about making decisions and I think Clausen is great at it and only going to get better." - Kaisertown 4/3/10

:"As President of the Jimmy Clausen Fan Club: I say taking Clausen at 9 if available is a no brainer." - Michael_Necci 4/19/10

"I'll go on the record...and be the one to tell you not to worry... Because Colt will go late first, or very early second.. I'm convinced that is who Holmgren really wants, so any other suitors will have to get him before the Browns second rd pick..." - Cinga 4/19/10

"The top 3 prospects in the draft are suh berry and clausen hands down and clausen will sure up the position for 10 years..." - J. Mackin 4/20/10

"Colt McCoy is the real deal. I like Tebow too. Either of these QBs + franchise tackle.......don't care how Nix drafts the rest of the way it'd still be a good draft for me =)" - Moncheri 4/20/10

"Denver is a team who could move up ahead of us to pick him. McDaniels has the power there and is allegedly in love with Tebow. They have multiple 2nd round picks and plenty of other picks to use as ammo." - Jeff Winters 4/20/10

"I guarantee that Davis won't get past Mike Singletary at pick 13." (Anthony Davis) - Brian Galliford 4/20/10

"I don't care how they get him, but this team needs to have Clausen or Tebow on the roster by the end of the night. Come on Buddy, make some savvy moves to get the QB you like!!!" - Kurupt 4/22/10

" I believe Tebow will be drafted somewhere between 1 and 200" - Bob 4/22/10

"What would happen (on this site) if the Bills...Passed on Clausen in the first and also failed to move back into the draft in time to get Tebow...." - MikeEverett08 4/22/10

"Yeah, if Mathews gets past SD at 28, he'll be gone very early in the second." (Answer to question about Ryan Mathews) - Brian Galliford 4/22/10

"for the love of Peter Pan Crunchy Peanut Butter I hope so. We need a QB and I'd take Clausen or Tebow without hesitating" (commenting on Wes Bunting's claim that the Bills wouldn't escape the first round without a QB) - J2 4/22/10

"Nix made it quite clear. They will not reach. The player they pick will have to be able to start. That leaves out any QB that they could be in position to draft" - Bob 4/22/10

"Just so you know....if we dont get Tebow you are going to be directly responsible for all the disappointment and broken hearts! You started this craze!!!! AHHHHH" (Commenting to Silverstreak, who started the Tebow fanclub on Rumblings) - Poz 4/22/10

"If Clausen falls that far, the Bills should be all over him." (Commenting on a rumor that Jimmy Clausen could fall to pick 30) - MattRichWarren 4/22/10

"Drafting is all about value. I love Clausen if he falls. I love Tebow in the 3rd round. Its all about value." - Thurman's Helmet 4/22/10

"Here's a rumor from a guy whos like the Geronimo of twobillsdrive:

OT would still be the preference. Williams or Okung. Obviously pending availability. I don't believe there is another OT they would take that high. Spiller will defintely have a high first round grade and could be taken there. McClain is a real possibility. Dan Williams would be the dark horse candidate.

If any of the top few prospects slip for any reason that can change things. But I can't imagine someone like Berry sliding.
Barring a trade of some sort. No QB until at least the second round. " - Mob16151 4/22/10

"Like you said earlier today I think, RBs should be the last piece of the puzzle. Thurman was the last of the greats to be drafted. They did go on to add Lofton." (Commenting on Der Jaeger's rule about not drafting RBs high...unless the rest of team is built up) - MattRichWarren 4/22/10

"They better not Go Spiller... Anything but Spiller." - UnBILLievable JJP 4/22/10

"Not enough people realize just how incredibly freaking vital it is to have direction at QB. We haven't even had DIRECTION there since they drafted Losman as the heir to Bledsoe's throne. Direction would be nice, but we really, really have to hit on a QB. Now.

I'll put it in the terms of one of the guys in the league that I talk to frequently: if Buffalo doesn't emerge from this weekend with a franchise QB, we can start scouting for our next head coach on Sunday morning." - Brian Galliford 4/22/10

"I was rooting for the Bills to get a QB, with Tebow my first choice, Clausen my second choice......but if your telling me there's a chance we can get rid of Gailey in a year? Well, that may be too tempting to root for......" (Commenting on Brian's quote above) - StroudFanClub 4/22/10

"I dont think any of this years QBs are franchise QBs...IMO, Clausen and McCoy are the best in the long-term. I dont want a QB this year, none of them excite me. I could live with Snead or Skelton but I wouldn't want to waster that pick either. I would rather roll w/ Edwards/Brohm." - NorCal BillsFan 4/22/10

"Also - not necessarily QB FIRST. There's a difference that most miss here. You don't HAVE to build up everything else first. Nor do you have to get a QB first (though it almost always happens that way). What is an ABSOLUTE MUST is that QB always be your top priority. If you don't believe in any of the guys this year, then fine, build the rest of your team. But if you do... GO GET THAT GUY." - Brian Galliford 4/22/10

"I want to build elsewhere this year based on the fact that next years draft consist of Ryan Mallett and Jake Lockear" - Weebey 4/22/10

"How I will be happy if by midnight, Buffalo has a new OT/DT and a new franchise QB. My preference: Bulaga/Tebow or Williams/Tebow. One of the three main needs positions (DT, LT, QB) is going to have to wait...." - Jri111 4/22/10

"Ugh, I can't believe we honestly stand a good chance at getting Tebow. If we manage to fumble him away I think I'm going to hurl and go cry." - Dyl 4/22/10

" I'll be really disappointed if the Bills don't get him. I'm terrified they're not even going to take QB in the first two rounds. If this happens we can expect wailing and nashing of teeth around here. And for good reason." - Dyl 4/22/10

"Don't be surprised if....the draft board doesn't fall the way the Bills are hoping and Tebow, Claussen and McCoy are all gone between our first and second pick." - Slick Shifty 4/22/10

"I'm scared I'm skeptical of Clausen but i'm worried we are going to pass on him and hes going to end up being really good." - MikeD28x 4/21/10

"If we get Berry instead of a LT or a QB I´ll sue you, and the bills." (To Brian Galliford, from rick p) 4/21/10

"I believe this is the first time in over three years of writing this blog that I've been threatened with a lawsuit." (Brian Galliford, to rick p) 4/21/10

"So then.....all we have to do, is draft a QB, an OT, a pass rush OLB, A TE, a NT, a TE, and a WR tomorrow night....
I propose that in the interest of "fairness", all teams drafting after Buffalo in the first rd, should give their picks to us, so once again, we can be competitive in the league... " - Cinga 4/21/10

"Hesitant on the Clausen pick. but much better than selecting RB No RB reminds me of LT (prime) / AP / CJ. So in essence it would be a waste of a 1st if we picked RB." - neverbeentobuffalo 3/27/10

"In my wont matter anyway because neither Bradford or Clausen will fall to us" - Poz 3/28/10

"Colt McCoy and Tebow have no business there as both of them are second or third round prospects." (On attending the draft.) - BillsfanfromDenmark 3/25/10

"I would prefer OT in the 1st, but I look at Spiller as a lot like LT and Nix was a part of the drafting of LT. Thats why I think Spiller." - Bosauce 3/17/10

"Alex Carrington is my favorite 3-4 DE prospect in this draft." - mob16151 3/12/10

"I really, really, agree....on Carrington... Holding out hope he's a possible in the second... BPA all the way, and if we were to get him in the second, I'd join the Rumblers dancing in the street... Course I'd have to be drinking heavily first...." - Cinga 3/12/10

"Tyson Alualu: He is my favorite 3-4 DE. Has a non-stop motor and has a knack for batting down passes. 7.5 sacks last season palying the 3-4 DE. Perfect fit in the 2nd-3rd round." - The Irishman 3/12/10

"Dan Williams is black!?! I had a much different mental picture in my brain for some reason." - BillsfanDan 3/12/10

"we could pick up Cody in the second. I really like him for our future NT. If not, I really like this guy in around the 4th or so: Torrell Troup, Height: 6-3, Weight: 314, College: UCF. Been doing a lot of reading on him, and he is a run plugger who could fit right in immediatly into a rotation at NT. Maybe more." - SERGEANT MAJOR THOR 3/12/10

There you have it. Any comments on which one you liked the best? Gotta love pre-draft discussion!

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