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Tuesday Morning Bills Trivia: 5/25

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It's Tuesday morning, and that means it's Buffalo Bills trivia time here at Rumblings. In honor of the New York Mets taking two out of three from the Evil Empire that is the Yankees, I will... well, I couldn't think of anyway to parlay that into something special but I wanted to get that in somewhere. As usual, please do not cheat; if you feel the need to, save your answers and don't ruin it for the ones that want to do it honestly. Also, I will be using former Buffalo players and or coaches this year and occasionally I will screw up put in a false clue. Good luck.

Mystery Bill 1
- I attended BGSU
- I played for five different NFL teams, one of them twice
- I was a fourth round draft choice
- I spent time on the Houston Texans coaching staff

Mystery Bill 2
- I was the Bills' all-time leading rusher for the AFL years
- I attended Duke University
- I played for the Argonauts
- I only played four games in Canada before refusing a trade and quitting

Mystery Bill 3
- I was a Maverick
- I currently own a chain of furniture stores
- I played for two NFL teams
- I was drafted by the Bills in the fifth round

Mystery Bill 4
- I am a member of the College Football Hall of Fame
- I was drafted in the top five of the NFL draft by the Washington Redskins
- I won the Maxwell Award
- I was runner up for the Heisman Trophy