Second Edition: "I said that?" (2009 NFL Draft - Day One)

I'm glad that my first edition of "I said that?" was so well received. Since we are currently in a "down time" for NFL news...I thought we could use another version. This time, I went back to the 2009 NFL draft to re-read comments made on April 25th, 2009....when the words "Jairus Byrd- CB" almost brought down our great Buffalo Rumblings website via a drunken hate fest!

But could you blame us? Drafting another CB within the first two rounds almost seemed like the Bills were taunting the fans to break their televisions on the spot. Little did we know Byrd would be converted into a Safety and make the Pro Bowl.

Once again, I remind you that I tried to pick the boldest claims, the strongest wording, the most fearsome predictions or just the funniest and most interesting comments. I did not try to single out any one person. So if you find yourself on this list multiple's possible that someone could have spiked your drink that night (maybe even yourself) we won't hold it against you. Maybe everyone gets a free pass for that night....but we hope not to duplicate it. Or, at least Brian hopes not to... Let the bad memories begin! (maybe this will be therapeutic?)

Prior to Bills first round pick:

"the upside of mayben is ssooo much that I just want to see that boom or bust potential" ballinbills1315 4/25/09

"I am ok reaching for Pettigrew, this guy is going to be very good. Rather that than draft a End we aren’t sold on." Jason from OH-IO 4/25/09

"Smith makes my butt pucker ..... in a bad way :-)" (speaking of Andre Smith) Joe P. 4/25/09

"Is this the Sanchez trade? I think here is where the Jets, Redskins, or Bucs move up to get Sanchez." MattRichWarren 4/25/09

"Ultimate training camp duel: NT B.J. Raji vs. C Duke Preston." Brian Galliford 4/25/09

"I am going to be upset when we pass on Oher for..Maybin. We should at least move back if they want Maybin so bad." CBATL32 4/25/09

"If the Bills take Orakpo, Maybin or Pettigrew here at #11, this front office should be fired on the spot." Hambone 4/25/09

"Oher if the Niners dont take him. Trade out if hes not." (in response to "who would you take?") Hambone 4/25/09

"With 1 pick to go before us all I have to so is: BROWN! BROWN! BROWN! BROWN! BROWN! BROWN! BROWN! BROWN! BROWN! BROWN! BROWN! BROWN! BROWN! BROWN! BROWN! BROWN! BROWN! BROWN!" (Everett Brown) CanadianBillsFan 4/25/09

"Cushing as a viable possibility? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA" (In response to Chris Brown report about Cushing being a possibility) Kurupt 4/25/09

"orakpo not worth 11" Dzil 4/25/09

"Y the love…Orakpo has been shown to clearly not be worth it in the scouting reports. Just not the best option in my opinion." Ballinbills1315 4/25/09

And the pick is in…Aaron Maybin:

"Again...pathetic. How sad. Oher on the board and we take a kid that wont do anything. Assumption on my part, yes. But, gut feeling is usually pretty good. Bust in waiting." Hambone 4/25/09

"disagree, Oher ain’t that great." CanadianBillsFan 4/25/09

"hope Jauron enjoys the unemployment line then.........." Norcaliangelsfan 4/25/09

"Maybin…has that julius peppers athleticism" Ballinbills1315 4/25/09


"They wanted a playmaker. Plain and simple. This is undoubtedly a gamble, but they need a playmaker in a bad way. Tom Modrak LOVES this guy." (Answer to question "why did Bills pick Maybin?") Brian Galliford 4/25/09

"Oher isn’t worth #11." NJBillsfan 4/25/09

"It could work, but I dont see any instant impact in 2009, which is disappointing." Kilowatt44 4/25/09

"Yeah but in 3 years we’ll call him the best DE of this draft." CanadianBillsFan 4/25/09

"Of course. Why fix the o-line. I love revolving doors that keep our QB on his back." Hambone 4/25/09

"wow i’m surprised, but not disappointed. i think they should’ve gone with orakpo or oher instead of maybin." Fami1y_first

"MAYBIN!!!! Would have prefered Brown, but Maybin is a VERY good pick! Great Pass rusher." CanadianBillsFan 4/25/09

"Like the pick…Like Brown more, but I like this anyhow…." (The Maybin pick and Everett Brown) Kurupt 4/25/09

"3rd or 4th best RB in the draft, IMO" (in response to Denver picking Moreno) Kurupt 4/25/09

"I thought Oher was the better pick here (last of the elite tackles), but think Maybin is better than the other DE’s." Jason from OH-IO 4/25/09

"best way I can spin this…I think the most optimistic way to look at this is that they drafted a guy who is functionally a specialist this year. To me that means they think they’re close to being a playoff team and only need a couple pieces. I hope they’re right." JPH 4/25/09

"Bust…Orakpo has bust potential." Jason from OH-IO 4/25/09

"I don't know why you guys are surprised. The Bills are always willing to reach for their guy." Joe P. 4/25/09

"I’m not surprised. It’s more like knowing that the latest politician elected to high office is going to screw you but hoping for the best anyway…..only for him to screw you." Ron from NM 4/25/09

"Max Unger ... … the next Buffalo Bill at #28" Fami1y_first / "Eric Wood…." Kurupt / "I like me some Eric Wood." MattRichWarren 4/25/09

"I wish Ozzie Newsome was our GM........that guy is awesome." Norcalianglesfan 4/25/09

"Keith Ellison is a lucky S.O.B." (after Green Bay takes Clay Mathews) MattRichWarren 4/25/09

"Its like I’m watching a Bills game. Conservative, clueless. Did they just throw a red flag!?" Zumone 4/25/09

And the pick is in…Eric Wood:

"Good player…nice gheri curl too" Kurupt 4/25/09

"Damnit. Best player available. The pick should have been Everette Brown. Then – Maybin could play LB, and they’d have a true DE. Not happy with this reach." TheAfghanTwilight 4/25/09

"Agreed, if Brown is still there at 42 then you have to take him." CanadianBillsFan / "Brown would be my favorite pick of the draft for them." TheAfghanTwilight 4/25/09

"poodle head wood. dude looks like a milk drinker." Dzil 4/25/09

"So where do we go in the second? LT or OLB? Or somewhere else?" NJBillsfan / "Shawn Nelson maybe?" Kurupt / "I would love it but I think we might be able to get him in the 3rd." The Irishman 4/25/09

"It definitely will not be Loadholt. You can trust me on that one." Brian Galliford 4/25/09

"Let’s go CB." (sarcasm) Kurupt / "there are some thing you just don't joke about." Hopefulcynic / "I think I’m drunk K, don’t mess with me." Sireric 4/25/09

"Chris Brown's expectations for Maybin... As long as he has 10 to 12 sacks and Schobel puts up close to the same I’ll be satisfied with that approach.’ That seems pretty high for a situational pass-rusher as Brown refers to him…." MattRichWarren 4/25/09

"Is Chris Brown drunk? No way those two combine for 20 or so sacks next year. I hope Maybin gets 4-6, and I can’t see Schobel getting even that many….." Kurupt / "I just assume he always is." Joe P. 4/25/09

"Robisky!? Well that just confirms that Edwards is on his way out of CLE." CanadianBillsFan 4/25/09

"Put me out of my misery…and give us Everette Brown." Kurupt / "Amen. I’m not a ‘value’ guy but how can Buffalo pass on Brown at this point?" Rom From NM 4/25/09

And the pick is in…Jairus Byrd:


"I hate this team." Kurupt 4/25/09


"uh oh....cornerback…wow." MattRichWarren 4/25/09

"Fire everyone in the front office immediately!!!!!!!!!!" Ron From NM / "I can only laugh at this point." Sireric / "I AGREE....This is pathetic Ron. Unbelievable." Hambone 4/25/09

"Agreed, we don't need to replace McGee TILL NEXT YEAR DJ! YOUR NOT GOING TO BE HERE NEXT YEAR AT THIS RATE YOU PUNK A#$ B&^$^H!!!!!! F YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" WABillsfan 4/25/09

"We just waisted a pick." CanadianBillsFan / "Wasted? I think its a bit more than that. The King of CAC just struck us, hard, right in the nuts, with a 40lb. sledge hammer." WABillsfan 4/25/09

"Way to squander a 2nd round pick." Ron From NM 4/25/09

"This franchise is ridiculous…..a slow CB that will be 5th on the depth chart this year…..Good bye Jauron, at least." Kurupt 4/25/09

"i don't even know what to say. godo bye to this entire OBD front office. They will get what the deserve when they are all unemployed next year." CBATL32 4/25/09

"Freaking Panther just got Brown. S$&t on a stick." WABillsfan 4/25/09

"I kinda want to cry. I am literally getting depressed." Jason from OH-IO 4/25/09

"I think I'vego to take a break from this. This pick made my head hurt. Instead of taking a guy with a first round grade (Brown) in the second round the Bills cleverly take a guy with no better than a 3rd round grade instead. It’s just disgusting." Ron From NM 4/25/09

"Breathe, guys. You haven’t seen him play yet. It seriously amuses me that a confusing, surprising pick is automatically a bad pick." Brian Galliford 4/25/09

"Who is the moron in the FO who thinks this is a good idea?" Kurupt 4/25/09

"If Byrd is a ballhawk he may be a playmaker. We could use some interceptions." South123 / "2 years from now? I don’t think this kid plays anytime soon…." Kurupt / "Couldn't Agree more Kurupt...Corner is a Training Camp Cut now….can’t have 6 Dbs and 5 safties….somebody is out…" Matty Coco / "Watch Florence get cut, just like that other guy last year… Webster??" CanadianBillsFan 4/25/09

"I can’t believe I wasted all this time investigating prospects only to see us pick this dude." Kurupt / "Yeah, why should we when the Bills don't." Joe P. 4/25/09

"Bright Side. This is the last Jauron draft." Ballinbills1315 4/25/09

"Man the min I think I got this team figured the min they are strapping me up with the white coat……." Norcalianglesfan 4/25/09

"and he’s (Byrd) is one of the top 3 zone coverage corners in the draft……SOOOOOO if the team was gonna take a CB he was the best one to get that was still available." (explaining why he voted "yes" to liking the Byrd pick) Norcalianglesfan 4/25/09

"screw our record...what is the over/under on games before Edwards gets injured?" (Trent Edwards) Joe P. 4/25/09

"What a waste of time. I can’t believe the hours I spent researching and mocking this draft for this garbage…..The Bills picks were absolutely terrible….Maybin was a reach at #11…..They wouldn’t pull the trigger and trade up a couple of spots for Pettigrew, Oher or Matthews which would have been cheap….And now picking a DB with Browne on the board….These are the reasons the franchise is stuck in mediocrity…." Buffalo69 4/25/09

"Who is this clown that the Raiders picked? He doesn’t even show up in’s database! That’s worse than our pick!" (Michael Mitchell?) Kurupt 4/25/09

"i was thinking byrd was our 3rd round pick." Chaucer / "yeah and we all hated you for it. no offence." CanadianBillsFan 4/25/09

"Am I the only one who’s not pissed about this (I voted ‘no’, btw) because I’m the only one that’s not intoxicated? :P" Brian Galliford / "ure okay with the byrd selection? why?" Chaucer / "I voted no! I’m just not the type to make snap judgments about any player. All that matters to me is the thing on the field working well. Yeah yeah, needs, value, blah blah… I don’t care. If Byrd helps us win, that’s all that matters – and doesn’t he deserve a shot to do it?" Brian Galliford / "so your saying that Byrd helps the Bills win this year?????" Joe P. 4/25/09

"no, not really. I mean I’m increadibly disapointed on the talent that they assed over, but you did have them taking a safety in the first and to be totally honest, a safety in the second isn’t all that bad. If Byrd pans out at free safety, we might have an elite secondary. So i’m not pissed at the pick, just increadibly disapointed." CanadianBillsFan 4/25/09

And the pick is in…Andy Levitre:

"Tom Modrak should be fired for that move alone. Levitre is good (though not the best interior o-lineman still on the board), but the Bills need a TE and OLB. Now they don’t have any picks to get one. In general, this has been a poor draft, but at least we didn’t pick an OT (the last thing we needed)." Macktruck 4/25/09

"I think he was the best interior OL on the board. And they can still get a depth TE. They are high on Derek Fine and various TEs will be available in the 4th and 5th." MattRichWarren 4/25/09

"It looks like they’re playing for Gresham in 2010. I’m nearly done with this team. You need picks to fill holes. You don’t need to lose 1 to move up and grab an early interior guy." TheAfghanTwilight 4/25/09

"I don't care who else we pick....Byrd was a bad pick in that spot." Joe P. 4/25/09

"Look for Buffalo to...Pick up Nic Harris to be the new OLB. He will be available in the 4th or 5th round. Then we pick up a DT in the 6th and 7th." Deadpool71 4/25/09

"Byrd might not even make the team, just a hunch." TheAfghanTwilight 4/25/09

"yea there is definitely a possibility we are overreacting." Billsct11 4/25/09

"Actually...I have a feeling this draft class will be one of the best after the 09 season. No reasons why." StuckInNJ 4/25/09

Final Thoughts on Day One:

"For those of you who hate the Byrd pick so much as a Pac-10 homer I can tell you….that he will be a welcomed and productive addition to our team….." Norcalianglesfan 4/25/09

"Love it all (except Byrd). I actually LOVE the draft so far. We got the best DE in the Draft. We got the best Center in the Draft. We got the best Guard in the Draft. And we got that other guy, no explanation. If we could have taken someone other than Byrd there, or taken Levitre there and not had to give up our third and fourths I would say we did awesome." Jason from OH-IO 4/25/09

"Doesn’t this look awesome:
11. Maybin
28. Wood
42. E. Brown
51. Levitre

That would have been an A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ draft. I would not have been mad about that in any way. Now, I’d have to give us a B at best, being dragged down by the Byrdie pick. Ahhhh well." Kurupt / "That draft would have had me in tears of joy rather than feeling like I got punched in the gut the sametime I found a winning lotto ticket." WABillsfan 4/25/09

"Value? I don’t see any value for Buffalo in 2009. In 2010, maybe but Byrd won’t contribute much this year outside of—maybe—special teams. That’s not what Buffalo needed out of a second round pick. It’s just sickening to think that Buffalo could have had Maybin, Brown, Wood and Levitre.

People always say you can’t look back at drafts and say that the Bills could have had (insert pro bowlers name) who was chosen later but this is like the Ngata situation. Buffalo blew it by taking a no-name corner over Brown and it was easy to see it in the moment." Ron From NM 4/25/09

"Byrd...I about lost it when he was picked. But now that I see him playing safety, it is a really good pickup. We need playmakers at safety. Neither of our safeties have any ball skills. So adding Byrd should help us get some turnovers next year." CBATL32 4/25/09

"I really hope that they can pickup Shawn Nelson and I’d still love to see them get Quinn Johnson in the 6th or 7th." Keysh67 4/25/09 / "I’d love if they could add Shawn Nelson or James Casey. Those are the two guys I hope we find a way to get (well one of them, obviously)." Kurupt 4/26/09

"And maybe the phone in our draft room isn’t plugged into the phonejack? Why rush the Maybin pick in? (I can see Washington rushing the Orakpo pick in tho a few after us…they never thought he’d be there!) Why not call around when a 1st round talent falls into round 2? (maybe they did? they obviously didn’t call Carolina…) I don’t know, I just think that they need to be smarter with what we have if we are a small market team." StroudFanClub / "Agreed…OBD seems more concerned with getting their guy then getting value from their pick. It’s a different strategy than other teams (many successfully) employ." NJBill / "Yep. The current OBD regime’s myopic strategy of "getting their guy" frustrates me to no end." Mark Parisi / "I’m still right there with you, StroudFanClub. I saw New England continue to drop spots and thought, "Oh man, even without Pioli, they’re still going to crush the Bills in manipulating draft day to their advantage." Thefourwinds 4/26/09

"give me a break guys...seriously? most of you are satisfied?? This draft stunk. And no matter how you dress it, it still stinks. Yuck, yuck. Everette Brown was on the board. He would have added playmaking in an area which we desperately need far more than the secondary. Did we get players to start at positions of need? Yes we did. But that is such a bogus argument, our team had so many friggin holes we could have drafted any way of a dozen and accomplished the same thing. The point wasn’t to get starters at positions of need, the point was to get impact starters. Slice and dice this draft all you want, and I’m happy with the Maybin pick, but somehow, we were in position to get Brian Orakpo and Everette Brown in the same draft and blew it. Really, Byrd? Please lets not justify this pick. We needed a linebacker, a tight end, and a left tackle and could have gotten all of them with that pick. I still hope day 2 can salvage this draft for us, but right now, my faith in the front office has been shot." Poz 4/26/09

"Bell isn't going to be least I hope not. (Demetrious Bell) Kurupt 4/26/09

"Byrd...He’s the safety we need….so after seeing CB next to his name, and nearl losing my lunch, I am somewhat happy, since we probably took a very good player, who was a CB but we project him at a different position. I almost don’t like that Fewell knows him, because that makes it sound like we may have reached or been blinded by that recognition, but oh well." Killascript 4/25/09

"Why is everyone assuming Levitre is going to start? The main knock on him is his lack of lower body strength. He was getting pushed over by bull rushers in college. What will happen to him in the NFL? He needs at least a year in the Bills’ offseason conditioning program before he is ready." Macktruck / "Why shouldn’t we expect Levitre to start? They traded up in round 2 to get him, after selecting another Guard earlier. They didn’t do that to get a backup, they did that to get their starting Guard duo, IMO." Kurupt 4/26/09

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